What You Should Know About Himalayan Salt

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What You Should Know About Himalayan Salt

You deserve a bath time experience that provides both excitement and health benefits. To achieve that, you should consider having a salt bath. But which bath salt is right for you? With so many variants on the market, it can be hard to know which can cater to your unique needs. Among the good ones, however, is a type of pink sea salt you should try right now.

What Is Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salt is a fossilized sea salt mined from the Himalayan mountain range. This coarse grain salt gets its lovely color from iron oxide, the same mineral that typically causes rust. It can be used in cooking, bath products, and even in air purifying lamps.

How Can Himalayan Salt Improve Your Bath Experience? 

Because of its versatility, you can easily incorporate Himalayan salt into your bath time routine. Here are just a few of the ways you can do so:

Salt Scrub 

Himalayan salt makes a wonderful facial and body scrub. Its abrasive properties help exfoliate your skin, giving it a healthy glow. However, you need to avoid using the larger grains. Grind them down into much smaller grains or a fine powder to prevent aggravating the skin, especially if yours is sensitive.

Detox Bath

All you need is a 30-minute Himalayan salt bath to detoxify the body. Wait for the warm or hot water to fill the bathtub halfway. Then, grab a handful of Himalayan salt or less to stir into the bathwater. Once you're ready, you can hop right in and feel the toxins melting away.

Deodorant And Other Uses

After a shower or bath, rub large grains of Himalayan salt under your arms for a natural form of deodorant. You can even freeze or heat up the salt to use as a form of therapy or to massage onto certain parts of the body. However, if you prefer not to use Himalayan salt on yourself, it can serve as décor that will create a sense of peace in your bathroom.

Epsom Salts In Bathtub

Another product you can bathe with is Epsom salt. Although it is technically not a type of salt, it is just as cleansing and relaxing as Himalayan salt. We at Better Bath Better Body have gone the extra mile by enhancing it with essential oils for aromatherapy purposes. Try our Gentleman's Bath Soak or perhaps our Chakras Bath Soak. More options are available at our online shop.

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