What You Should Know About Bulgarian Rose Oil

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What You Should Know About Bulgarian Rose Oil

Life can be stressful and exhausting. That's why there is nothing better after a long hard day then a relaxing hot bath to soak all your troubles away. Why stop there? You don't just a dip in the average bath water, you deserve a bath with something extra like essential oils. There are a lot of wonderful essential oils that have several physical and mental benefits. However, in Bulgaria there is only one essential oil that really matters, rose oil. 


Rose is often known as the eternal symbol of love and beauty. That symbolism isn't too far from the truth, rose oil can be found in the majority of beauty products throughout the world. Rose oil comes straight from the plant itself and can be used in your bath water, lotion, or even rubbed directly into your skin.



What Does Rose Oil Have To Do With Bulgaria?



Bulgaria has a world famous rose growing industry where around 85% of the world's rose oil comes from and is the highest quality of rose oil you can find. In fact, Bulgaria is the largest producers of essential oils in general. That aside, the use of rose oil has been commonly used in Bulgaria for hundreds of years and is said to be the secret to their women's youthful beauty.


In an article by Dr. Danielpour shares his experience and research of rose oil and it's benefits which you can find here, at the Beverly Hills MD site. Dr. Danielpour is a certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who learned about the Bulgarian use of rose oil during his stay in Bulgaria. As he was introduced to several of the rose growers, he learned more about the many uses of rose oil and the less commonly known rose water. Not only does he share his experience in Bulgaria, but also talks about studies the have proved its abilities.


For more on the benefits of rose water and oil, Reeta from Read And Digest writes an article that you can find here. Unlike Dr. Danielpour's article, Reeta shares a lot more information on the folklore behind using rose oil and water and its various uses and benefits. This gives you a lot more back story on this particular essential oil, but also how you can use it in your own life. 



So How Does Rose Oil Benefit You?



Though the benefits of essential oils have become more widely known, not everyone may realize the origin of these oils or the folklore behind it. Even more important, you may not have known how beneficial rose oil can be for your physical health and appearance. Whether you mix it into your bath water or use it directly on your skin, rose oil is a beauty secret we all should know about.

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