What You Should Know About Bulgarian Rose Oil

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What You Should Know About Bulgarian Rose Oil

Life can be stressful and exhausting. That's why there is nothing better after a long, hard day than a relaxing hot bath to soak all your troubles away.

But why stop there? You shouldn't just dip in ordinary bathwater every time—you deserve a bath with something extra like essential oils. There are a lot of wonderful essential oils that provide all kinds of benefits. However, in Bulgaria, there is only one that truly matters: rose essential oil. 

Rose is often known as the eternal symbol of love and beauty. That notion isn't too far from the truth as rose essential oil can be found in numerous beauty products throughout the world. Rose essential oil comes straight from the plant itself and can be used in baths, in lotions, or on its own.

What Does Rose Essential Oil Have To Do With Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has a famous rose-growing industry where around 85% of the world's highest-quality rose oil comes from. In fact, Bulgaria is the largest producer of essential oils in general. That aside, rose essential oil has been commonly used in Bulgaria for hundreds of years and is said to be the secret to their women's youthful beauty.

In an article, Dr. Danielpour shares his experience of and research on rose oil and its benefits. Dr. Danielpour is a certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who found out about the Bulgarian use of rose oil during his stay in the country. As he was introduced to some of the rose growers, he learned more about the purposes of rose oil and the less commonly known rose water. He also writes about the studies proving the abilities of those two substances. 

For more on the benefits of rose water and oil, check out this piece on the Read and Digest website. You'll find information on the folklore behind using rose oil and rose water as well as their various uses.

Have An Essential Oil Bath

Rose is only one of many essential oils you can use in your everyday life. Everything from cedarwood to geranium can be found in products such as soaps and candles.

Here at Better Bath Better Body, we have combined essential oils with Epsom salt to create blends with specific purposes. Whether you need our Sitz Bath Soak or prefer our Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, we have a product just for you. Drop by our online shop today to find out what we currently have in stock.

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