Using Natural Plant Therapy For Your Mental Health

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Using Natural Plant Therapy For Your Mental Health

Mental illness is a serious issue that is too often pushed aside or stigmatized by society. Some disorders can be caused by genetic factors, but others can be the result of a traumatic experience. Most, however, are due to several different factors put together. Sadly, many go undiagnosed and do not receive the treatment or aid they need to get by. Even the thought of needing medication or therapy can be considered a sign of weakness.

Sometimes, medication can have more side effects than actual benefits. That is why more natural forms of therapy and treatment have become increasingly popular throughout the years as a way to help with mental issues.

So what plants and plant-based substances can you use to benefit your mental health, and how can you make the most of them?

In an article by Meredith Graves called “Plant Medicine: A Natural Pharmacology Primer For Anxiety And Depression," she shares the ways you can help ease mental conditions with plant use. Graves shares multiple ways to use plant-like substances to benefit your mental health, whether you are suffering from a mental disorder or just need a little help to quit habits such as smoking. Not only does she go through several different types of plant-based substances that improve the mind, but she also explains how you can use them to enjoy their full mental benefits.

How Does This Affect Your At Home Mineral Bath Experience?

A few of the plant-based substances mentioned in Grave’s article are essential oils and bath salts. These are both natural substances that have been proven to benefit your mind as well as your physical health. For example, she cites lavender essential oil as a wonderful and all-purpose stress reducer to help you ease your mind. Though there are several ways to use essential oils to benefit your mood, adding them to your bath water allows you to combine the benefits of essential oils, bath salts, and taking a bath in general.

It is important to note that essential oils, bath salts, and plants should not be used to replace your own prescription medication unless recommended by your doctor or psychiatrist. Instead, they should be used as a commentary therapy or to just help improve your mood and mental ability through natural means.

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