Anniversary Ideas: Five Ways To Celebrate With Your Partner

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How long have you been with your partner? Whether you’ve been together for five years or fifteen years, you need to celebrate the ups and downs of your relationship once in a while. Having a strong and happy relationship is a big achievement, and it’s a good idea to celebrate anniversaries because each of them is a milestone that not all couples achieve.

Looking for a creative and cost-efficient way to celebrate your anniversary with your partner? Here are some ideas you can try.

Relive Your First Date

    Do you still remember your very first date? Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to that restaurant or cinema and relive the magic?

    If you still live in the same city and the restaurant where you had your first date is still open, you can go back there again. If not, you can look at the pictures you’ve taken there and try to recreate the moment. You can wear the same clothes if they still fit. Make sure you order or prepare the same or similar food.

    Have A Photoshoot

      Better Bath Better Body BlogHow much have you and your partner changed over the years? Having a yearly photoshoot on the day of your anniversary is a great way to monitor how much you’ve changed over the years. It would be great to have the same photographer take your photos every year. If you want a more budget-friendly option, you can have a friend or your child (if they’re old enough to work a camera) take your photos at your favorite spots around the city. Keep an album of all of your photos―you’ll appreciate looking at them later on.

      Do Something New Together

      If you are feeling extra adventurous, you could plan on doing something the two of you have never done before. This could mean taking diving lessons or riding a hot air balloon. It could even be something as simple as dining at a restaurant that just opened. The important thing is to experience something new together. 

      Is there something on your bucket list that you keep putting off because of time or budget constraints? Now is the best time to push through with your big adventure.

      Take A Vacation

        Going out of town to get away from the stressors of daily life is one of the most exciting things you can do with your partner. Go ahead and book that flight you’ve been eyeing for months. It might not be possible to enjoy a getaway every year, but you should try to have one at least every five years. If you have kids, don’t bring them with you as this is an opportunity to spend quality time with your partner and strengthen your relationship.

        Enjoy A Relaxing Bath In An Extra Large Romantic Bathtub 

          Romance Bath SoakWant to do something special in the comfort of your own home? You can prepare a relaxing Epsom salt bath for you and your partner. Set the mood for the night by making sure you have scented candles, romantic music, and a bottle of bubbly. You might even want to scatter rose petals around the bathroom and in the tub.

          Don’t forget to add a cup or two of Better Bath Better Body’s Romance Bath Soak. Enhanced with ylang-ylang essential oil, this Epsom salt blend can promote passion and desire. It is the perfect ingredient to make the night more magical and memorable.

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