The Differences Between Good Stress And Bad Stress

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Most types of stress have a negative impact on your life. Generally speaking, stress could put your health at serious risk.

Epsom Salt BlogHowever, most people forget that there are good kinds of stress too. These have a positive impact in your life. They can motivate you to achieve your goals and push you to become a better version of yourself. The key is knowing the difference between the two.

Bad Stress

Bad stress is something we are all familiar with. It can be associated with being overwhelmed because of a certain change or situation. Sometimes, we get stressed when we are trying to do so many things at once. It can also be stressful when we set our expectations too high.

Our health can be easily affected by bad stress. Bad stress is especially harmful when you experience it for a long time.

Good Stress

Can you imagine a life with zero stress? In order to be productive, you need to feel like you are challenged now and again. This is why good stress is important too.

One good example of good stress is when you push yourself to get out of your comfort zone because of a new job opportunity. Yes, you might feel a bit of pressure because of the demands of the position, but at the same time, you might feel motivated to make the most of your skills and do well.

Typically, good stress brings about positive emotions such as hope and satisfaction. This is the kind of stress that keeps the mind sharp and the body healthy.

A Change In Perspective

Keep in mind that the way you view stress matters too. If a problem is thrown your way, do you view it as a challenge or a threat? Does it make you anxious or push you to move forward?

Take a long, hard look at your life to determine what causes you to feel stressed. Have you mastered the art of balancing good stress and bad stress?

Have A Stress Relief Bath

Stress Relief Bath SoakWhether you are experiencing good stress or bad stress, we know you still need a break. On those days when things get overwhelming and the pressure becomes difficult to handle, treat yourself to a relaxing muscle soak with Epsom salt.

Made from all-natural ingredients, Epsom salt is best known for soothing the entire body. It is also known for helping detoxify the body and promoting relaxation.

Release stress naturally with our Stress Relief Bath Soak. This unique blend is enhanced with eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils that can help you unwind at the end of the day. 

The ingredients in our products are sourced from their direct origins worldwide. You can be absolutely confident that there are no harmful substances and chemicals in the bath salts you purchase from us.

Interested to learn more about Epsom salt online? Check out our products in stock here.

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