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Anytime Aromatherapy With Shower Melts

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Shower aromatherapy is a convenient and effective way to start (or end) your day with a spa-like experience at home. Discover how a shower tablet or melt can turn your bathroom into a personal sanctuary you can enjoy at any time.

What Are Shower Tablets And How Do They Work?

Shower tablets are simple, safe, and can be used in any shower space. The ones we offer at Better Bath Better Body are made primarily of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda with a little citric acid, corn starch, essential oils, vitamin E oil, menthol, and witch hazel. They melt as soon as they come in contact with water, and they dissolve completely, making them safe for plumbing systems.

When you place the shower tab on the shower floor (away from where you'll be standing), the water instantly starts dissolving it. As the sodium bicarbonate and corn starch dissolve, the steam generated traps the essential oils in droplets, releasing their natural aroma into the air.

This scented steam offers the benefits of aromatherapy. Once the tablet fully dissolves, it leaves behind no mess, stains, or residue, allowing the lingering steam to sustain the aromatherapeutic experience without any hassle.

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Indulge in the delightful shower melts, whether you're currently in the midst of a shower or not. If you're actively showering, simply drop two tablets onto the shower floor as you step in.

Alternatively, if you're not planning to shower, toss the tablets onto the shower floor, turn on the hot water, and settle into a comfortable spot outside the stall or tub. Let the soothing aromatherapy envelop you as the fragrance permeates the room.

The aromatic experience will linger as long as the steam does, allowing you to bask in the ambiance for an extended period or release it upon opening the bathroom door.

Shower tablets can also provide a delightful experience beyond the confines of the bathroom. Place a single tablet into a bucket or basin filled with hot water and watch it dissolve.

As it dissolves, the steam emanating from the basin will disperse aromatherapy infused with pure essential oils, creating a pleasant ambiance that can be enjoyed in any space.

Enjoying Different Aromatherapy Experiences

Our shower melts at Better Bath Better Body provide different aromas. Let’s take a look at each variant:

  • Vapor Shower Tablets – Zingy, fresh, and cool, Vapor is an ever-soothing blend. The essential oils used in these melts include eucalyptus, camphor, and nutmeg, creating aromatherapy that is perfect for creating an at-home spa experience.

    The eucalyptus and camphor provide the cooling and outdoorsy elements, while nutmeg brings a touch of warmth to keep the aroma balanced and grounded.
  • Relieve Shower Tablets – Relieve is perfect for when you want to wind down after a long day by showering yourself clean. This blend uses menthol and pure eucalyptus essential oil.
  • Arctic Mint Shower Tablets – Perfect for an invigorating way to start the day is the Arctic Mint. These shower tablets, infused with essential oils of sweet spearmint and zesty peppermint, are perfect for morning showers.

    Not just for mornings, it’s an excellent blend to inspire and uplift whenever you need a pick-me-up. When traveling, you can ease away any lingering feelings of stress or exhaustion with the Arctic Mint Shower Tablets once you reach your destination.
  • Awaken Shower Tablets – For many, a good shower is the perfect reset. Our Awaken Shower Tablets play on this fact and use essential oils of lemongrass and orange to comfort, uplift, and inspire all at the same time.
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Mixing Shower Tablet Blends

Typically, two tablets work well in a standard-sized shower and bathroom, but the choice of these two tablets is entirely yours. Each tablet boasts a unique blend of essential oils, allowing you the freedom to create a personalized at-home spa experience by combining different tablets.

For example, merging the invigorating warmth of Awaken with the soothing calm of Relieve results in a custom blend featuring herbal and bright notes––a delightful combination for indulging in a mid-afternoon aromatherapy session.


Incorporate the luxury of spa-like aromatherapy into your daily routine with our shower tablets at Better Bath Better Body. Effortlessly dissolving in water, these blends transform your bathroom into a personal sanctuary, offering diverse aromas to suit every mood.

Indulge in a refreshing start or wind down after a long day, and explore the creative possibilities of combining different blends for a truly personalized at-home spa experience.

Elevate your self-care ritual with our shower tablets, making well-being an integral part of your daily life. Click here to order.

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