What You Need For A Full Body Reset Pampering Experience

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better bath better body epsom salts

To detox is to cleanse, and a detox bath helps to cleanse you from the inside out. Lilliuma Detoxify products help you to create those cleansing bath experiences that serve to revive, refresh, and rejuvenate. 

Detoxify Bath Benefits 

The Detoxify bath salt blend from Lilliuma is grounding, uplifting, and revitalizing all at once. In the blend you’ll find real Mediterranean Sea Salt, rather than USP grade epsom salt, fractionated MCT coconut oil, cool fresh peppermint essential oil, earthy frankincense essential oil, and zesty lemon essential oil alongside Vitamin E oil. This particular blend of essential oils helps to create a balanced and centered aromatherapy experience during each and every bath. 

better bath better body epsom salts

Upon sinking into the warm water, you’ll likely first notice the aroma of all-natural peppermint. This is what really gives the refreshing nature of the detox bath. In aromatherapy peppermint is often used as a sort of cleansing or refreshing note. After the peppermint you’ll likely experience the frankincense, which has warm, slightly sweet, and earthy body in its aroma. Like a mix of pine, amber, and rosemary, this herbal element sits just under the cooling peppermint to keep the aroma squarely centered. After frankincense you’ll likely begin picking up on the lemon, which finishes off the aromatherapy blend with a tart, clean, and zingy note to join the peppermint and the frankincense together. 

Lilliuma uses only all-natural essential oils in their aromas, so you never need to worry about artificial fragrances or perfumes in your bath. You get the full benefit of the natural source of the oil, providing an authentic experience every time. 

Taking a Detoxify bath using the Lilliuma blend is easy. Place about ½ to 1 cup of Detoxify into your standard sized tub under the warm running water. Agitate the water so the salt completely dissolves and get ready to sink into the bath. As you’re lying in the bath, focus on the soothing feeling of the warm water on your skin, breathe deep the aromatherapeutic oils, and feel the cleansing occur as you soak your day away. A Detoxify bath should take around 15 to 20 minutes, and you may choose to rinse off once your bath is complete. After the bath, pat your skin dry with a clean towel and plan to enjoy the refreshed feelings. 

Refresh Your Feet 

better bath better body epsom salts

Sometimes you’re in need of a refresh, but you’re not in the mood for a full bath. Lilliuma also makes their Detoxify blend in a foot bath formula perfect for shorter foot baths whenever you need them the most. The Lilliuma foot soak features Mediterranean Sea salt, fractionated MCT coconut oil, lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, ginger essential oil, and Vitamin E oil. It takes on a bit of a different aromatherapy approach when compared to the full bath soak, but with the same basis in balanced aroma. 

To draw a foot bath either fill the bathtub up with enough water to cover the foot and ankle or use a foot bath basin. Either choice works well, but a foot bath basin may be more portable to set up your foot bath in more comfortable spaces should you choose to do so. Place about 1 to 2 tablespoons of Detoxify Foot by Lilliuma into the water, agitating the water to dissolve. Once the salt has dissolved, submerge your feet in the warm water and enjoy the aromatherapy experience while your feet get the refreshment they deserve. 

As you’re enjoying your foot bath, you’ll first notice the tart, juicy, and bright notes of the orange essential oil, which is then balanced out by the clean natural aroma of lemon. Lemon makes sure that the orange never verges on too sweet, giving a clean appeal necessary for a cleansing detox. Grounding and warming up the Detoxify foot soak is ginger, which provides a spicy, earthy, and warm note to keep the aromas perfectly in balance. 

Why Mediterranean Sea Salt? 

You may have experienced epsom salt foot or soaking baths before, but what about Mediterranean Sea Salt? There are a few reasons why Mediterranean Sea Salt might be best for a particular bathing session: 

  • It’s finer and easier to dissolve – When compared to epsom salt, Mediterranean Sea salt is often finer and less coarse, which can make it dissolve easier in the bath. While an epsom salt blend may require a bit more agitation to completely dissolve in your bath, you might find that Mediterranean Sea salt completely melts into the water more quickly.
  • It can be skin soothing – Mediterranean Sea salt has been hailed for its skin soothing benefits for generations. For foot baths in particular, a Mediterranean Sea salt foot bath can provide a complete pampering experience that looks after relieving, soothing, and beautifying the feet during an in-home pedicure.
  • Makes an excellent scrub – Mediterranean Sea salt can also make an excellent scrub, which may be used in a standard bath or a foot bath. To create a scrub, simply mix the sea salt blend with a cleanser or moisturizer, rub the salt gently on the skin, and then rinse to naturally comfort and exfoliate. 

A detox is a sort of release, and these Lilliuma soaking blends are perfect for those who are looking for a refreshing bathing experience. In the bathtub, or in a foot bath, one can enjoy letting go of everything they’re holding within from the day as they step out cleansed and completely refreshed. 

better bath better body epsom salts

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