The Top Benefits Of A Bath During Pregnancy

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better bath better body epsom salts

There are many reasons why a woman may wish to take a bath while pregnant. While the body is growing another human being, it’s important to look after oneself and participate in a bit more self-care than usual. 

Whether it’s a first pregnancy or a subsequent one, it’s always crucial that women speak to their doctors before taking baths while pregnant. Doctors will be able to make sure pregnant women are able to benefit from taking baths with or without epsom salt, and that this method of self-care won’t pose any unnecessary risk to mother or baby’s health. Regular check-ups throughout pregnancy are always recommended, as a doctor’s recommendations may change as the pregnancy develops. 

Choosing The Right Epsom Salt Blends 

better bath better body epsom salts

There are many different epsom salt blends out there and choosing the right one for your pregnancy bath is important. Many pregnant women may find that they’re suddenly sensitive to certain aromas that never bothered them before, and it will be difficult to relax if the aroma of your bath is taking them out of the experience. For this reason, a person may choose to try a few different epsom salt blends to determine which aromatherapies work best for them. 

Having a variety of epsom salt blends also provides different benefits. For instance, a stress-relief bath for a pregnant woman might work best with a blend that uses all-natural lavender essential oils, while an invigorating or energizing bath is best with citrus or cooling minty notes. 

Sitz specific soaks are also available to help to ease certain discomforts experienced by pregnant women throughout all stages in their pregnancy. These can be found in varieties like lavender, turmeric, vapor, and geranium, and may be enjoyed with or without a standard tub. A sitz soak with a sitz soaking basin can be enjoyed right on the toilet bowl, taking the stress out of filling the tub or worrying about spillage. 

Benefits Of Soaking While Pregnant 

There are numerous benefits that pregnant women can enjoy when it comes to epsom salt soaking. Some of these include: 

  • Stress reduction – Pregnancy can cause stresses both physical and mental. Afterall, the body is in charge of growing an entire human being while the mother worries about taking care of herself and her budding baby. Taking a soothing bath with a chosen epsom salt blend can help to provide a little mindfulness time to bring mom back into balance. An epsom salt bath with lavender essential oils provide relaxing aromatherapy as the sensation of the warm water is enjoyed.
  • better bath better body epsom salts
    Sitz baths provide soothing comfort – Sitz baths are popular with pregnant women, and for good reason. These baths focus primarily on the pelvic region, providing some much-needed comfort to an area under stress during pregnancy. A sitz bath can be taken using a sitz bath basin or a standard tub, and they only take about 10 to 15 minutes to experience the full benefit. The warm water provides comfort to this area of the body, while aromatherapy works to comfort the mind through the senses.
  • Skin soothing – It’s important for pregnant women to look after their skin, and an epsom salt bath can provide some of this soothing they’re looking for. Making sure the water is not too hot, soaking in an epsom salt bath can help to treat the skin to some welcome comfort. A pregnant woman may even decide to use a little of the epsom salt in a gentle body wash as an exfoliation treatment while in the bath. To maximize skin soothing benefits, apply a rich moisturizer after drying off from the bath in a relaxing scent.
  • Benefits in bonding – It’s said that women begin bonding with their babies from the moment they arrive in the womb. While you’re taking an epsom salt bath, this can be a special time to talk to baby, sing to baby, or simply spend time enjoying baby as you both relax together. The bath provides an outlet to take some time out for yourself to practice mindfulness at feel at one with the pregnancy process.
  • Providing physical comfort – For women in the later stages of pregnancy, finding a comfortable position can be difficult. A short epsom salt bath may be able to give them that respite from any physical discomforts they may be feeling, providing a period of physical ease. Bath pillows can be helpful in finding the most comfortable position while in a pregnancy bath. 

How To Take An Epsom Salt Bath During Pregnancy 

Taking an epsom salt bath during pregnancy may look a little different than taking a bath outside of this special time. First and foremost, baths during pregnancy should be taken in tepid to warm water, being careful to make sure the water isn’t too hot. This ensures a safe and pleasant experience without worry of overheating while in the bath. A warm bath with essential oils and epsom salts will still be able to provide aromatherapy benefits. 

Getting up and out of the bathtub during pregnancy should be a process that is taken slowly and approached carefully. Make sure to have a warm, soft, and clean towel within reach of the bath, and use handrails or other supports to lift yourself up from the tub slowly. With the deep relaxation experienced in an epsom salt bath, mothers-to-be shouldn’t try to stand up too quickly. After standing up, pat the skin dry with a towel, rather than rubbing, in order to keep skin soft and comfortable. 

better bath better body epsom salts

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