Are Bath Salts Good For You?

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better bath better body epsom salts

Bath salts are beneficial in several ways. In the bathroom, they are particularly helpful for relaxation and rejuvenation. Epsom salt bath soaks and sea salt bath soaks in particular make a lot of bath lovers happy.

Table Salt Versus Epsom Salt 

better bath better body epsom salts

The salt kept in your pantry is table salt, and while both might be salts (and can look similar) epsom salt is actually quite a different thing. Table salt is known by its chemical name sodium chloride, and it’s made up primarily of sodium and chlorine. Epsom salt, on the other hand, is basically magnesium sulfate. 

The lack of sodium in epsom salt is what keeps it from drying out the skin. It  provides soothing and comforting benefits to bath lovers who take their epsom salt baths seriously. 

While table salt is a known flavor enhancer, epsom salt is more of a pampering enhancer. Epsom salt has a bitter and unpleasant flavor, which is why even food grade epsom salt isn’t something that is welcome on the kitchen table. 

How To Use Bath Salts 

Using epsom salts in the bath is simple. First, pick out a blend that speaks to you. If you like to take a good bath to wind down after the gym, a refreshing blend like Muscle Soak from Better Bath Better Body might be right for you. Our Muscle soak blends the aromas of eucalyptus and peppermint essential with USP grade epsom salt and Vitamin C crystals. 

better bath better body epsom salts

For those who like to finish out the day with a good bath, there are few better ways to relax before bed. Deep Relaxation is a simple but highly effective blend that combines USP grade epsom salt, Vitamin C crystals, and pure lavender essential oil to offer a deeply soothing experience. 

If a bath is your go-to for a clarifying and “wipe the slate clean” type of experience, Detox is a blend that uses zingy lemon and warm ginger to hit that reset button on your day. Uplifting and clean, the lemon and ginger essential oils add aromatherapy to our premium USP grade epsom salts and Vitamin C crystals. 

After you’ve chosen the blend that fits your mood, you’ll want to measure the salts to use in your bath. If you haven’t used bath salts before, start on the lower end of the measurement spectrum with around half a cup in standard-size tub. This will give you the aromatherapy and the benefit from the epsom salt as you get used to taking these sorts of baths. As you learn about your preferred epsom salt bath experience, you can use up to a full cup of your chosen blend to find your perfect balance. 

Toss your epsom salts into your bath once you have a little warm water in the tub and allow the bath to fill while the salts dissolve. Once salt is dissolved, lower your body into the warm water and breathe deep to envelop yourself in the aromatherapeutic properties of the essential oils. 

A great epsom salt soak will last around 20 minutes to get the maximum soothing benefit from the salt and aromatherapy. During these 20 minutes, you can take a little time out for yourself with a good book, a podcast, a crossword puzzle, or a favorite game on a tablet or smartphone. If the only entertainment you need is the mind clearing and comforting power of the warm water and aroma, closing your eyes and having a mindful moment can really make a transformative experience out of your bath. 

better bath better body epsom salts

After Your Bath

After your bath, take care to rise from the tub slowly. If you were laying back, perhaps take a few moments to sit up before standing from the tub. Due to the deep relaxation experienced in the bath, standing up too quickly can lead to unpleasant sensations or slipping. Once you’ve stood from the bath, it’s time to grab you warm, clean, fluffy towel and dry off. 

Bath salt is particularly nourishing and comforting to the skin, and you don’t want to erase the pampering experience after your bath is through. For this reason, refrain from rubbing your skin dry and instead gently pat the skin with your towel to remove any excess moisture. Patting the skin dry will help to keep it feeling soft and comforted. 

To really keep the pampering going after your bath, you may wish to follow up with a favorite body moisturizer or lotion. If you do plan to use lotion after your bath, you can use your bath salt blend as a quick and effective exfoliating treatment before exiting the tub. This can help to slough away dead skin cells and prep the skin to better absorb additional pampering steps. To exfoliate with your bath salt, take a small pinch in your palm and rub gently over damp skin in circular motions to any area of the body that needs a little extra TLC. After exfoliating, gently rinse and get ready to pat dry. 

better bath better body epsom salts

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