Bedtime Rituals To Help You Sleep Better

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Are you a night owl looking for ways to fix your body clock? Have you been trying to figure out how you can sleep more soundly?

Studies show that the better you sleep, the more productive you will be the next morning. Unfortunately, if you are like most adults, you probably have a difficult time getting quality shut-eye. Ignoring stress and distracting thoughts can be a challenge, but it is important to allow your brain to relax in order to truly enjoy a restful sleep at night.

Creating a bedroom ritual could help you fall and stay asleep. Calming your mind and body just before you hit the sack can dramatically improve your sleeping experience.

Read on to discover five bedtime rituals that might just help you sleep better.

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Make A List Of What You Need To Do The Next Day

Can’t sleep because you’re worried about the things you need to do tomorrow? When there’s a lot on your mind, it can be hard to relax. It is important to try and get rid of the things that are bothering you. Get them out of your system by writing and listing them down. Doing so will also make your morning easier because you will wake up with a sense of purpose.

Pick Up A Book

Bedtime is not a time for your brain to get busy, but reading a light book or magazine can help your brain relax when it’s about time to sleep. Choose something that isn’t too serious or technical. Leisure reading helps reduce stress, so it can be a big help in helping you settle down before you sleep. 

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Stay Away From Gadgets An Hour Before Sleeping

Playing games or browsing social media before sleeping is a bad idea because the blue light from your gadgets will make it harder for you to sleep. If possible, make your bed a no-gadget zone. Staying away from your work emails and social media accounts can also help you sleep better. Have a good conversation with your partner or read a nice book instead. This is also the perfect time to reflect on your day and meditate.

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Drink A Cup Of Chamomile Tea

Having caffeine or consuming lots of sugar before going to bed is a big no-no. However, if you want something that can help you sleep better, you might want to have a cup of chamomile tea. It can help induce sleep. Try to drink some at least thirty minutes before bedtime to enjoy maximum benefits.Bedtime Bath Soak

Soak Away Stress With Epsom Salts In Bathtub

The whole point of a bedtime ritual is to help you loosen up. It’s hard to think of anything more relaxing than a nice bath that can help you soak away stress. Let the water wash away any tension or uneasiness in your body.

You can make your muscle soak even more relaxing with Epsom salt, which is known to soothe the mind and the body. Better Bath Better Body offers Epsom salt products enhanced with 100% pure essential oils. We have a special Bedtime Bath Soak that you can include in your bedtime routine. It contains chamomile essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, lavender essential oil, and orange essential oil to help promote calmness and relaxation.

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