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Benefits Of A Sitz Bath For New Moms

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Congratulations, new mommy!

Benefits Of A Sitz Bath For New MomsAfter months of difficulties and hours of labor, your beloved bundle of joy is finally here. Giving birth to a tiny human is not easy. While taking care of your baby should be your priority, you should not ignore your own needs. Make sure that you give your body enough time to rest, recover and relax too.

For example, a relaxing sitz bath can help speed up the body’s natural healing process. In a nutshell, a sitz bath is a therapeutic warm water bath that can help provide relief for hemorrhoids or perineum pain. To do this, you can purchase a basin that you can put on your toilet. Bathtubs work just fine too.


What Are The Benefits Of A Sitz Bath?

Benefits Of A Sitz Bath For New MomsA sitz bath is best known for helping reduce the inflammation, swelling and itchiness brought about by hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Most pregnant women get hemorrhoids because of the added pressure from the weight gain.

Additionally, a sitz bath can also help reduce the irritation and swelling in the rectal area. If you encountered swelling because of epistionomy, a sitz bath may also help speed up the healing process.

Can Epsom Salt Make Your Sitz Bath Better?

Epsom salt is an all-natural remedy with numerous health and beauty benefits. It is made from Magnesium and Sulfate. It is known to help improve sleep, soothe muscles, and detox the body. Better Bath Better Body’s Epsom salt baths are made from USP Grade Epsom salt with no impurities and zero chemicals.

Our bath salts are enhanced with certified pure essential oils for aromatherapy benefits. We have a Sitz Bath Salt enhanced with Juniper and Niaouli Essential Oils designed to help with hemorrhoids, fissures, piles, and as a postpartum sitz bath soak. You can use it in a sitz bath or in a standard size tub, ideally two to three times a week.

We also have other blends that can address your different needs. Please check out our products here.

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