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Benefits of Lavender Oil Bath

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A survey of the most popular essential oils always includes lavender. It earns this spot due to the many benefits associated with the oil. It is commonly used in aromatherapy for its calming properties.

Essential oils are simply plant essences captured in small bottles. They carry the same benefits for which their plant sources are known.

Lavender is a flowering plant from the mint family. Historically, it was used in perfumes, cosmetics, and balms. It is mainly grown for the extraction of essential oils. Some say pure lavender oil has a heavenly clean scent which alone brings a deeply relaxing effect.

Essential oils found a special niche in bath soaks. They are blended with Epsom bath salts for aromatherapy. You'll have a truly reinvigorating bath when you use our bath soaks with 100% certified pure lavender essential oil.

Epsom salt baths, by themselves, are known to relax muscles and relieve stress. Let’s explore the many benefits of lavender oil-based baths:

Headache Relief

Lavender essential oil offers anxiety reducing benefits. People suffering from headaches use lavender essential oil to relax and find relief from stress. A study in 2012 explains the benefits of lavender essentil oil.

Better Bath Better Body has specially blended Deep Relaxation Bath Soak with lavender essential oil. It is formulated to carry a stable aroma throughout your bath. It’s a holistic experience allowing for the essence of lavender to soak through the skin while indulging you in an aromatic journey. It’s a combination that can certainly help you cope with headache.


better bath better body essential oils in baths

Hair Growth Promoter

As if lavender oil is not versatile enough, a 2016 study said that the essential oil is an effective hair growth promoter! Applied directly to the scalp, lavender oil can help improve hair growth and thickness.

A good head soak works wonders in getting that lavender oil goodness as well. Consider one with USP grade pure Epsom salt such as Better Bath Better Body’s Deep Relaxation Bath Soak or Vitality Bath Soak. Allow the lavender essential oil to seep into those hair follicles. The Epsom salt would leave your hair feeling clean and fresh.


Lavender oil offers a calming effect. A whiff of its scent has been known to reduce anxiety. This is why it’s a staple essential oil in aromatherapy sessions. A 2010 study even found out that dental patients were less anxious when they smelled the scent of lavender while in the waiting room.

Anxiety can come from different sources. You might be worried about a project proposal being turned down or you don’t know when that challenging interviewer would call back. Whatever the cause, a long and warm bath soak can put your feelings at ease.

Try Better Bath Better Body’s Serenity Bath Soak and enjoy the benefits of other essential oils from frankincense, grapefruit, and ylang ylang. It’s a special blend that’s sure to carry your worries away while treating your senses to a deeply invigorating aromatherapy experience.


better bath better body essential oils in baths

Banish Back Blemishes and Acne

Lavender oil is rich with antioxidants. These are dynamic compounds that help reverse the signs of aging. Lavender essential oil has been widely used in cosmetic products for restoring skin softness and removing blemishes.

For bath lovers, an easy skin pampering regimen is just a soak away. A bath infused with lavender oil can quickly smother those blemishes and acne. Consider Better Bath Better Body’s Back Clearing Bath Soak for a reinvigorating bath. It’s a potent blend that helps exfoliate and cleanse, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

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