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Best Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids affect more people than you think. They rarely post a serious health issue but they can still be extremely bothersome and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are many different ways to deal with the problem.

Though the exact cause of hemorrhoids is hard to pinpoint, pregnancy, obesity, and aging often contribute to the problem. The problem often arises when hemorrhoids become inflamed and enlarged. The most common symptoms include bleeding during and after bowel movements and lumps around your anus. 

The good news? Essential Oils can aid in solving the problem. It can help provide relief to the pain, itching and burning sensation that come with hemorrhoids. They can help with the agitation and swelling too.

Depending on which essential oil you choose, you may mix it with cold cream or dilute it with a carrier oil. You can also enjoy the benefits of essential oils in our special Sitz Bath Soak designed to help with hemorrhoids, fissures, piles, and as a postpartum sitz bath soak. Remember that you should not take essential oils orally and there is no substitute for

Wondering what essential oils work best for hemorrhoids? Check out our list:

  • Juniper - Juniper is a known detoxifier that also helps promote blood flow. It is also known to ease muscular tension and to promote warmth.
  • Niaouli - Native to Australia, Niaouli essential oil is known as a great numbing agent that helps relief pain and swelling. It also helps support blood vessel integrity and aids in cleansing.
  • Best Essential Oils for HemorrhoidsGeranium- Geranium is a popular essential oil that helps promote faster healing. It is also often used to help heal wounds. Geranium also helps in limiting inflammation.
  • Best Essential Oils for HemorrhoidsFrankincense - Frankincense is known as an effective cleanser that helps fight bacteria that may cause infection. It also helps with faster recovery.

  • Enjoy The Benefits Of Essential Oils With Our Sitz Bath Soak

    With Better Bath Better Body’s Sitz Bath Soak, you can enjoy the healing properties of essential oils! This all-natural product helps with hemorrhoids, fissures, and piles. It also works well as a postpartum bath soak.

    All of our products are made with ingredients ethically sourced from their direct origins worldwide. You can be confident that you are not putting anything harmful to your skin.

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