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Five Benefits Of Stretching On A Daily Basis

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There are many benefits you can get if you make stretching a part of your regular routine. It can boost some aspects of your health, such as helping increase your range of motion and allowing you to have better posture. Moreover, it makes you feel good and loose, especially after engaging in a physical activity.

Suppose you haven’t done regular stretching for a while, and you feel like your body is slowly wearing down. In that case, it’s time to get those stretches done as regularly as possible. 

Here are the benefits of stretching:  

Improve Your Posture 

Did you know that tight muscles can lead to poor posture? Muscles on the back, chest, and hips that are tense may contribute to poor posture. A lot of people spend a lot of time sitting in front of their computer—this position results in poor posture over time. A great way to improve your posture and limber up is by stretching.  

Some of the stretches you can do are the following:  

Child’s Pose

This stretch is calming and relaxing, and it’s excellent for posture improvement. It allows you to lengthen the spine, hamstrings, and glutes. The child’s pose will help release tension in your lower back and neck.

Forward Fold

This is a standing stretch that lets you release tension in the spine, glutes, hamstrings, hips, and legs.

Cat Cow

This stretch massages your spine and relieves tension in your torso, shoulders, and neck.

Chest Opener

If you spend most of your day sitting, you might find yourself moving your chest inward. With this stretch, you can strengthen your chest and stand up straighter.

High Plank

This stretch will help relieve stiffness throughout your body while strengthening your shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings. 

Side Plank

This will help you maintain the neutral alignment of your legs. Strengthening and aligning those muscles help support your back and improve posture.  

Enhance Your Range Of Motion 

As you age, your joints will lose range of motion. The good news is that you can prevent this by stretching regularly. There are three different methods you should try:

Static Stretching

This is a method wherein you will extend your muscles and tissues for a certain period. You can do this across one joint or multiple joints between 30 and 60 seconds at a mild to moderate discomfort.

Dynamic Stretching

If you’re looking for a more active type of stretching method, this might be for you. This is perfect if you are preparing for an activity.

Myofascial Release With Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is said to improve one’s range of motion as it can help release stress and tension. 

Alleviate Back Discomfort 

If you frequently experience back discomfort, then you should know that this also has something to do with poor posture. Stretching your leg muscles for good posture can help reduce back discomfort. This is because if you have poor posture in your upper back, the lower back compensates for it. Another thing is that if you have tight hamstrings, the lower back also suffers.  

These are some stretches you can do to ease back discomfort:  

Hamstring Stretch

Your hamstrings are attached to your pelvis, so if they’re too tight, your lower back will end up getting stiff. There are many ways to stretch your hamstrings. Make sure to find one that will suit you best.

Lower Trunk Rotation

This is a great stretching exercise that can promote mobility. Simply lie on your back with both of your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Keep the shoulders connected with the floor and your knees glued together as you slowly and gently drift both knees from left to right. Let your knees fall all the way to one side and hold for a moment so you feel a slight twist and stretch in your lower back. Do this ten times for each side.

Figure Four Stretch

This is a therapeutic stretch that can help with lower back discomfort and hip tightness.  

Prevent Injury 

Stretching a muscle too far can tear or strain it. If you frequently experience this, then it means that your joints and muscles are not getting enough stretches and exercise. Stretching can increase the range in which a muscle can move, which can help prevent the chances of injuries. It is also best to stretch before you do any physical activity because this can help warm up your body and decrease any tightness you may have.  

Reduce Muscle Soreness 

Muscle soreness is usually experienced after a workout or when you get muscle strain. Stretching is an effective way to relieve it. Certain yoga poses can help address the issue. The effect of uttanasana, which is the standing forward fold, will be felt on your back, neck, hamstrings, and calves.  

The downward dog to lunge is also a recommended pose to help reduce soreness. You will feel this in your butt and hips. There are many other stretches you can do to get relief—it’s all about finding those you’re most comfortable with. 

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Make stretching a daily habit to feel better and become physically stronger. See to it that you only go for stretching exercises you can do without straining too much or hurting your body. After a nice stretch, it’s a good idea to unwind further in the tub with our Athlete Bath Soak. Using this blend of pure Epsom salt and therapeutic essential oils to relax is the perfect complement to your stretching routine.

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