Sea Salt Foot Soaks: The Basics Of Good Foot Hygiene

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Foot maintenance is a crucial part of proper foot care. The average person is recommended to take around 10,000 steps each day for good health. Without proper foot care, time spent on your feet can grow uncomfortable and difficult.

Foot care takes many forms, from shopping for the right shoes to keeping the skin of your feet clean and moisturized to having a Mediterranean Sea salt foot soak. First and foremost in proper foot care is what we put on our feet and what we use to protect them throughout the average day. 

Socks should be made from a breathable material that doesn’t trap moisture against the skin. Cotton or other natural fabrics are popular choices for good reason. These fabrics are simple to care for, and they wick away moisture to prevent it from accumulating as your feet sweat throughout the day. Shoes should be proper fitting, and they should provide adequate support for walking, running, and other activities. It’s best to shop for shoes toward the end of the day as the feet swell with use, and this will ensure a proper fit throughout a day of wear.

Feet should also be kept clean and dry. After a long day when feet have been sweating, washing or soaking your feet can help cleanse and soothe the skin for better foot health. After washing the feet, use a soft and clean towel to gently pat the feet completely dry.

While on your feet, you likely think little of just how much work your feet are doing. After a full day of work, taking the time to relax your feet is an important part of everyday foot care. Rubbing your clean and dry feet with lotion can give them a much-needed relaxation break, and you could also partake in a gentle and soothing foot soak. With the Lilliuma Detoxify Foot Salt, you may clean and relax your feet at the same time, which are two essentials of foot care.

How To Do A Foot Soak Detox At Home

To have a detox foot soak, simply fill a tub or washbasin with a few inches of warm water. Add in around a handful of our Detoxify Foot Salt and gently submerge your feet under the water. While your feet are in the water, you can allow them to soak in place, you can stretch your feet a little bit, or you can give yourself a foot massage for added relief and relaxation.

Our Detoxify Foot Salt is made of Mediterranean Sea salt and pure essential oils of lemon, orange, and ginger. Together, these oils create a detoxifying blend that soothes the senses through contact with the skin of the feet and aromatherapy. After using the Detoxify Foot Salt, simply pat your feet dry with a clean towel, put on breathable clean socks, and enjoy the feeling of having completely relaxed feet.

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