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Benefits Of Wintergreen Essential Oil

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With a sweet and refreshing odor similar to mint, Wintergreen Essential oil is known to relieve gas in the stomach, promote a positive mood, repel insects, and improve exercise efficiency. It is even believed to help prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Here are some of the other benefits you can get from Wintergreen Essential Oil:

  • Effective Pain Reliever
  • If you are feeling aches and pains, Wintergreen Essential Oil has analgesic and relaxing properties that can help provide relief. It contains Salicylates, which is a pain-relieving compound also found in aspirin. It's great to use when you suffer from back pain and other similar conditions. Many pain relief formulations combine Wintergreen Essential Oil with Peppermint Essential Oil becaus this combination works a lot faster!

  • Helps With Decongestion
  • Wintergreen Essential Oil is also known to help with a various respiratory symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. When mixed with a carrier oil or petroleum jelly, Wintergreen Essential Oil can help suppress cough and help with faster recovery. Generally speaking, it is safe to use in children, too.

  • Promotes Good Mood
  • Wintergreen is known to help increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which help promote good mood. It is a great essential oil that can be used to relax right before bedtime or whenever you want some peace and quiet. You can use it if you need to reduce tension and improve relaxation.

  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Need something that can help in your weight loss? Wintergreen Essential Oil can help suppress appetite and curb cravings. It can also help reduce sugar cravings and help you see faster results in your weight loss efforts. Just keep Wintergreen Essential Oil handy, and inhale it whenever you have cravings for snacks.

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  • Helps Fight Fatigue
  • If you are feeling tired and you need a natural energy booster that can help you move more efficiently, Wintergreen Essential Oil can help too. It has stimulatory effects that can help keep you awake and energized. It might even help improve your workout sessions. Just apply it to your pulse points for an instant energy boost.


    Enjoy The Benefits Of Wintergreen Essential Oil With Better Bath Better Body

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    Now you can enjoy the benefits of Wintergreen Essential Oil with Better Bath Better Body’s Epsom Salt Baths.

    Epsom salt is an all-natural remedy known for numerous health and beauty benefits. It is best known for helping athletes soothe muscle aches and pains. It can also help improve sleep, detox the body, and promote better sleep.

    We have a unique Happiness Bath Soak enhanced with Bergamot and Wintergreen Essential Oils. This unique blend can help reduce stress and boost your mood. Just twenty minutes in the tub can help you enjoy numerous benefits from this wonderful product!

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