Detox Bath Soak, Detox Foot Soak: Here's Why You Need Both

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What does it mean to detox? It means to cleanse, to clarify, and to refresh. A detox bath soak and detox foot soak achieve these feelings in two different but equally important ways. 

Taking A Detox Bath 

A full body detox bath is the perfect refreshment. It’s the kind of bath a person may take at the end of a long day, or for a midday pick-me-up to get you through the rest of what you’ve got going on. This full body soak focuses on releasing the stress and tension from the body, clearing the mind, and providing a complete reset that leaves you feeling as if you could take over the world. 

Detox Bath Salt is an easy way to have a full body detox experience. Giving the full body relaxation effect is USP grade epsom salt, rich in magnesium and meeting all United States Pharmacopeia standards for potency, purity, and quality. Nourishing the skin in the soak is fractionated MCT coconut oil and Vitamin E oil, leaving the skin feeling soft, comforted, and moisturized. 

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Where the detox really comes in is through the essential oils used in the soak. These are all-natural, providing the authentic aromas of the plants they’re derived from. In Detox you’ll find zesty and bright lemon to provide the clarifying and cleansing as well as ginger, renowned for its ability to comfort with a clean, warm, and spicy scent. Combined, you get an aromatherapeutic experience that is warm, zesty, clean and bright. 

Taking a full body detox soak is simple. Fill your bathtub with warm, but comfortable, water – as much as you like. Once your water is drawn, you will add about ½ to 1 cup of soak. For those new to taking detox soaks, it’s recommended to start slow with ½ cup of salt until you learn about your own personal soaking preferences. After agitating the water to make sure all soak has dissolved, dip your body into the warm and comfortable water, lying back to enjoy the aromas coming up on the steam. Your detox should last for around 20 minutes, after which you will pat dry with a soft, clean towel. Patting dry ensures you don’t lose the nourishing benefits of the coconut and Vitamin E oils in your soak. 

After your soak, you’ll feel cleansed, refreshed, and ready to enjoy a clean slate in your mind, body, and soul. 

Detoxing With A Foot Soak 

While a full body detox is a great way to leave you reset and refreshed, sometimes a full body soak doesn’t quite feel accessible with a full and busy schedule. However, this doesn’t mean you have to give up the benefits of a good detox. A foot soak with detox properties is a great way to release tension and enjoy the reset while not making that full body bath commitment. You can enjoy a foot soak for detox in about 15 to 20 minutes, and you can simply complete other tasks as you soak if you wish. 

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Detox salt for feet is similar to Detox Bath Salt but with a few key differences. This soak also begins with USP grade epsom salt, rich in magnesium and perfect for relaxing away tension. Additionally, it also features fractionated MCT coconut oil and Vitamin E oil for skin soothing and nourishing. The essential oils used, however, are a bit different. Where the full body soak has a focus on warming and comforting, the foot soak focuses instead on a grounding cooling effect. The soak opens up with essential oil of lemon, giving that same bright, zesty, cleansing aroma, but follows lemon with a combination of cooling peppermint, relaxing lavender, and grounding earthy frankincense. The result is a refreshing and cool experience that brings new life and energy into the feet during your clarifying soak. 

Taking a foot soak is simple, convenient, and quick. You may take your foot soak in a standard bathtub or invest in a foot soaking basin that allows you to soak your feet from just about anywhere. With a soaking basin, a person could even take their foot soak out on the patio, enjoying the birds singing in the background as you read a book, do a puzzle, or even get a little work done. 

To take your foot soak, first fill your desired soaking area with a few inches of warm water. You want enough to cover the feet up to the ankle, and the temperature should be comfortable and not too hot. After your soaking area has been drawn, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of soak per gallon of water used, starting on the smaller end of the scale if you’re new to foot soaking. After your soak has been added and dissolved, simply sit and soak for around 15 to 20 minutes time. Once finished, pat the skin dry and enjoy the renewed and refreshed feeling. 

Foot soak isn’t just for soaking, and you may even decide to turn your experience into a quick spa treatment. Using a small palm full of soak, rub the salt into the skin of the feet gently using circular motions for an effective and refreshing exfoliation treatment. Followed up with a rinse, pat dry, and moisturizer, you can get the salon experience right from the comfort of home. 

Americans are busy, and this means we’re holding plenty of stress in our minds and bodies. A detox soak session is a key way to release it, leaving you feeling and performing at your best even when your schedule gets hectic. 

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