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better bath better body epsom salts

Most scented products simply list “fragrance” on the ingredient list, but what does that mean exactly? Artificial fragrance can consist of tens or hundreds of different ingredients, all of which you’re adding to your soaking experience if you’re not using natural bath essential oils. At Better Bath Better Body, we only use 100% pure essential oils for maximum aromatherapy benefits.

What Is Artificial Fragrance? 

better bath better body epsom salts

Artificial fragrance can be many different things. As defined by the FDA, fragrance is a combination of chemicals that provides a product with its distinct scent. This could mean solvents, stabilizers, dyes, preservatives and more, many of which could be harmful or irritating. 

According to the International Fragrance Association, any combination of more than 3,000 chemicals can be used in typical artificial fragrance compounds. 

Why Use Essential Oils? 

Natural fragrances are naturally extracted, and in the case of bath essential oils their ingredients are highly limited. When your bath products are scented with lavender essential oil, for instance, you know that only that ingredient is going into the product. Lavender is a safe, natural, and beneficial scent without unnecessary additives, dyes, preservatives, or other potentially tricky ingredients. 

better bath better body epsom salts

Essential oils are typically easier and more enjoyable for those who may have adverse reactions to artificial fragrances. It’s not rare for artificial fragrances to overload the senses and limit one’s actual ability to relax, which is not commonly the case with natural bath essential oils. When used in aromatherapy, essential oils can provide a soothing, calming, relaxing, and invigorating effect that artificial fragrances simply cannot. 

Relaxation You Can Feel Good About 

With bath essential oils one can have a soak they can truly feel good about. Soaking for relaxation is made simple with a few all-natural bath essential oil soaks: 

  • Deep Relaxation Bath Salt – Deep Relaxation Bath Salt consists of pure USP grade epsom salt combined with the aromatherapeutic power of high-quality 100% pure lavender essential oil. Without any artificial coloring or fragrances in the blend, it’s a minimalist soak with maximalist relaxation properties. When placed in warm water before a soak, the steam carries the lavender essential oil into the air to wrap the user in a blanket of soothing comfort. 
  • Lilliuma Relaxify Foot Soak – Our feet are tasked with carrying us everywhere we want to go on any given day. Even while driving, it’s your feet that are working the pedals, and when you get to your destination, it’s your feet that walk you through the parking lot, into the door, and around your destination. Lilliuma Relaxify Foot Soak uses Mediterranean Sea salt along with 100% pure essential oils of lavender, frankincense, and chamomile to create a sensory experience to soothe and refresh tired feet. 
  • Lilliuma Relaxify Bath Salt – Mediterranean Sea salt is scented with lavender, frankincense, and chamomile essential oils to create a full body relaxation bath salt product. The bath essential oils used in this blend help to relax the mind while the sea salt works to soothe and comfort the body. After a long day, there is no worry about unknown ingredients in artificial fragrances, just the ability to enjoy the delight of 100% natural scents. 
better bath better body epsom salts
  • ancienSea Relax Bath Soak – This bath salt is made of  a combination of epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, and Mediterranean Sea salts, plus 100% pure essential oils from lavender, chamomile, and frankincense. With no additives or fillers, you can lay back and relax in a bath soak that is 100% natural and therapeutic. For a basic relaxation bath, one can enjoy the light and effective fragrance without worrying about unknown ingredients. 
  • Stress Relief Bath Soak – Stress Relief Bath Soak helps you beat stress with the aromatherapeutic scents of natural eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils. The bright and refreshing natural scents of the essential oils can certainly help you relax. They can also  invigorate and energize. No additives are included in the Stress Relief Bath Soak, so users may enjoy the stress release without worrying about the added stress of mystery ingredients in their bath. 
  • Relax Shower Tablets – Relaxation with genuine essential oils isn’t just for the bath. While bath essential oils enhance the bath experience, shower tablets work in much the same way but for your daily shower. Turning your shower into a full spa experience, the Relax Shower Tablets feature essential oils of lavender and chamomile that are released into the air with the steam of your shower. As you inhale the 100% natural essential oils through the steam, you are rewarded with their comforting, relaxing, and soothing properties.

What’s Good About Natural Fragrance From Bath Essential Oils? 

Natural fragrance from bath essential oils provides lovely aromas that will relax and soothe your mind and body. These aromas last after your soak, yet you don’t have to worry about harsh ingredients.

better bath better body epsom salts

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