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Epsom Salt Baths And Your Skin

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While table salt (sodium chloride) might cause dry and irritated skin, epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) works differently. It has been known to be gentle on the skin and perfect for a soak lasting 10-20 minutes. Let’s explore why you should consider adding an epsom salt bath to your self-care routine.

Does Epsom Salt Dry Out Your Skin?

Coarse table salt and epsom salt may look similar, but their chemical compositions are quite different. Epsom salt is known for its soothing properties, and this is the main reason why we don’t experience the same drying discomfort in an epsom salt soak that one may expect from coming into contact with table salt.

The Best Way To Soak

While epsom salt may not be known to dry out or irritate the skin, bathing in and of itself can. Your skin needs protective oils to stay comfortable and hydrated, and it’s not the salt but the water that can mess up your natural balance while in the bath.

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In warm or hot baths especially, the hot water can rinse away the oils that protect the skin’s barrier, which could leave you feeling dry or itchy if you soak for too long. To get the maximum benefit from your bath and your bath salt blend without stripping your skin of comforting oils, it pays to find a good mid-point for bathing time.

When it comes to soaking, you should aim for around 15-20 minutes per soak, so that you allow your body to receive the comforting and soothing benefits of your bath without drying yourself out. This is your perfect balance so you can experience the beauty of the bath experience without the stuff you don’t want.

During your 15- to 20-minute soak, you’ll also want to start slow with your bath salts if you’re not too experienced using them yet. For your first handful of uses, start with half a cup of epsom salt in your bath and see how your skin reacts to the salt before adding more.

If the product works well for you, increase the amount up to 1/2 or 1 cup of salt until you find your perfect amount. While some might find they experience the best benefits from ½ cup, others might find their sweet spot is ¾ cup or 1 full cup.

This may go from bath to bath as well, depending on the experience you wish to have.

Epsom Salt Blends For Skin Soothing

If you’re looking to take a skin-soothing bath, we at Better Bath Better Body have several blends you can choose from that work to soothe and comfort the skin. Some of them are:

  • Muscle Soak – Our Muscle Soak uses USP Grade epsom salt, fractionated MCT coconut oil, vitamin E oil, vitamin C crystals, and a blend of essential oils that include eucalyptus and peppermint.

    The combination of eucalyptus and peppermint creates a cooling and soothing effect that feels refreshing on the skin.
  • Deep Relaxation Bath Soak – Our Deep Relaxation Bath Soak is a simple blend that combines fractionated MCT coconut oil, vitamin E oil, vitamin C crystals, high-quality epsom salt, and pure lavender essential oil.

    Lavender doesn’t just work to relax the mind, but it also helps to relax the body including the skin. This brilliantly soothing salt blend is perfect for a pre-bedtime soak.
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  • Stress Relief Bath Soak – This soothing and cooling soak is much like our Muscle Soak but with essential oils of eucalyptus and spearmint. While peppermint is a bit cooler, spearmint still keeps that soothing cooling sensation but with the addition of sweetness brought on by all-natural spearmint.
  • Back Soothing Bath Soak – Our Back Soothing Bath Soak doesn’t just soothe the muscles, but it also helps to soothe the skin. Cooling peppermint, zingy grapefruit, relaxing lavender, and refreshing eucalyptus essential oils all work together in this epsom salt blend to provide a completely balanced and comforting experience.
  • Runner’s Bath Soak – Cooling peppermint, warming frankincense, uplifting lemon, earthy lemongrass, and soothing tea tree all work hand in hand to create the nourishing Runner’s Bath Soak. It isn’t just great for full-body baths, but it’s a popular choice for foot baths as well.

Incorporating an epsom salt bath into your self-care routine not only prevents skin dryness but also brings about a myriad of soothing benefits. Achieving the perfect balance in bath time and choosing the right epsom salt blend can enhance your overall bathing experience.

Elevate your bath routine with our carefully crafted epsom salt soaks at Better Bath Better Body for a rejuvenating and comforting experience. Click here to place an order.

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