Epsom Salt Foot Soak Benefits

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epsom salt foot soak

Do you find that you have rough or aching feet? Maybe you have had a long day and just want to relax and unwind when you get home. Epsom salt foot soak benefits are plentiful and can be the perfect addition to your tiring day.

Exfoliate The Skin

One of the first epsom salt foot soak benefits we need to talk about is how beneficial it can be for your skin. Since epsom salts are crystallized, they provide amazing exfoliation benefits and can remove the dead skin cells on the feet. Along with the exfoliation, a good bath soak can also decrease any roughness you have, leaving your feet soft.

Reduce Odor

Notice a bit of an odor when you take your shoes off after a long day on your feet? A foot soak with premium epsom salts can help reduce odor while cleansing the feet. Not only does this save your nose, but it also ensures better overall foot health.

epsom salt bath soaks

Relaxation And Stress Relief

A good foot soak can also help you relax and melt away the day's stress. Foot soaks are naturally soothing. Even just one soak can help calm the mind and put the body into a state of blissful relaxation. Overall, this can lead to better sleep and a better mood.

A foot soak makes the perfect addition to any self-care routine at home, especially if you are under immense stress or just need a spa-like getaway in the comfort of your own home.

How To Use A Foot Soak

Now that we have covered some Epsom salt foot soak benefits, let’s learn how to make your foot soak at home and what kind of salts you should use.

When doing a foot soak, you can use a soaking tub, full bath, or even do it in the shower. When you get started, you want to use a smaller amount of Epsom salt and gradually increase this amount with each soak.

You want to start with one tablespoon of epsom salt per gallon of water and increase this to two tablespoons. If you want a full bath soak, use half a cup to one full cup of Epsom salt for a standard-sized bathtub.

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Detox Foot Soak

For relaxation and some detoxifying power, try our Detox Foot Soak. It contains premium USP Grade Epsom salt and 100% pure essential oils. The addition of Vitamin C crystals helps neutralize any impurities there may be in your water, making your soak even more luxurious and beneficial.

Tea Tree Foot Soak

Try our Tea Tree Foot Soak if it is an odor you are combatting. Tea tree helps keep feet clean as well as deodorized. It soothes and relaxes your feet and works hard to rejuvenate tired and achy feet. If you have any calluses, this tea tree foot soak helps soften them, leaving you with beautiful and supple feet.

Try any of the other epsom salt soaks we have in our collection for some variety. We have bath salts that are good for various things besides foot care, such as dry skin, deep relaxation, and aching joints.

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