Essential Oils For Bath Soaks

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essential oils for bath


What turns a bath soak into a bath experience? The aromas you choose. Essential oils for bath bring the power of nature right into your tub, creating an all-encompassing experience that transports you to different places, emotions, and states of mind. 

Why Essential Oils For Baths? 

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Essential oils and fragrance – they’re not one in the same. Synthetic fragrances are interpretations of scent, and they’re created using a variety of different ingredients to create “smells like” aromas. For those who are scent-sensitive, they’re often more cloying, less enjoyable, and sometimes a bit challenging to deal with. Depending on the ingredients used to create the scent, they can be bothersome. 

Essential oils are taken directly from nature through steam distillation, cold press extraction, maceration, and other methods. The result is the authentic encapsulation of natural scent. If you’re using lavender essential oils for bath, for instance, you’re not getting an interpretation of lavender – you’re getting the real thing. This means that not only do you get to enjoy authentic aromas, but you get the benefit that these aromas possess. Lavender is calming, citrus oils are invigorating, frankincense is grounding. 

The Aromas To Welcome Into Your Bath 

There’s no wrong way to enjoy a bath. You might slip into the tub before bed to help you relax, you might start your morning off with a bath to wake you up. You may even take a bath to cleanse yourself of a too-busy mind. The aromas you welcome into your bath will help you to transform your bath experiences to match the kind of mood you want to be in. A few essential oils to simply match common bath moods are: 

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  • Lavender – Lavender is the essential calming oil. Deep Relaxation soak uses lavender only, making it the perfect simple bath soak for those just starting out bathing with essential oils. This USP grade epsom salt blend also includes fractionated MCT coconut oil for softening, Vitamin C to aid in the purification of the bath water, and Vitamin E oil for skin nourishing. 
  • Citrus oils – Citrus oils are excellent for invigorating and for cleansing. Detox baths, or the sort of bath you may take to cleanse away stress while energizing the mind, are made even better when you surround yourself with the fresh zesty scent of authentic citrus. Detox Bath Soak uses oils of bright lemon and cozy ginger to ground, invigorate, and leave you feeling fresh and new again. 
  • Clean mint – A clean, invigorating, energizing soak is one that leaves you feeling refreshed the moment you step out of the tub. To achieve this kind of bath, you want to look for essential oils like clean mints and clean eucalyptus. Stress Relief soak makes use of essential oils like eucalyptus and spearmint together to create a sweet, uplifting, and soothing bathing experience any time of day. 

Essential oils for bath soaks make sure that every bathing experience is everything you want it to be. From the deeply relaxing, to the morning wake-up bath, the oils you choose set the mood you want to create. 

Shop soaks today to experience the soothing effects of aromatherapy baths.

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