Epsom Salt For Your Hair Care Ritual

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better bath better body epsom salts

Epsom salt isn’t just for the feet, isn’t just for the body, and it’s just for the skin. Epsom salt for hair is a trend that is catching on in even the most exclusive salons and for good reason. 

A New Use For Epsom Salt 

People (and animals) have been bathing in epsom salt since the early 17th century. As a matter of fact, upon its discovery back in 1618, bathing and skincare became one of the key uses of epsom salt almost immediately after being discovered by English cow farmer Henry Wicker. That much hasn’t changed, and taking epsom salt soaks still remains popular for relaxation, soothing, and comfort today. 

better bath better body epsom salts

However, soaking is far from the only thing epsom salt is good for. It’s often used for exfoliation, for manicures and pedicures, and for renewing the skin all over the body. One bit of skin that often gets overlooked is the scalp, but epsom salt in hair care is becoming a trend that even top stylists in the world aren’t ignoring. 

Sitting a few millimeters under the surface of your scalp are your hair follicles. It’s where your hair gets its very foundation, and it’s the follicles that control whether it’s going to be a good hair day or not. Without a healthy scalp, there is no such thing as truly healthy hair, as the follicles will be suffering as well. Every hair product you use comes into contact with your scalp, the heat you use to style the hair effects the health of your scalp, and each time you feel the wind through your hair you’re also feeling environmental pollutants come into contact with your scalp as well. 

The reason the scalp is so overlooked in regular skincare is because it’s out of sight and often out of mind. It’s covered by hair, so it’s not skin that you can see easily, and you’d need to take a deep look in the mirror to see it anyway. For this reason, when frustrating hair days become a regular occurrence, the average person is more likely to make an appointment with the salon rather than thinking about what they might be putting their scalp through. 

The Real World Effects Of A Scalp Scrub Treatment 

better bath better body epsom salts

A scalp scrub treatment, for many, is almost instantly transformative. You can see the results immediately after only a minute or two tacked onto your regular routine. Some of the benefits that might be seen after an epsom salt scalp scrub are: 

  • Lighter cleaner feeling hair – When the scalp has accumulated buildup from dead skin or hair products, the buildup will combine with natural oils in the hair to leave behind a look that is oily, dull, or lackluster. For some, a regular shampoo and conditioner may work initially, only to lead to oily looking hair as the day wears on. A scalp scrub with epsom salt can help to eliminate this buildup and therefore help to regulate the oil that is naturally dispersed through the hair. The result? Hair that looks healthy and clean for longer. 
  • Taming frizzy or unruly locks – The magnesium in epsom salt can also help to tame hair that is frizzy, dry, or unruly. Just as the magnesium can help to moisturize the skin during a good bath soak, it can do the same for the hair. With needed moisture, hair is less likely to feel brittle or dry. 
  • More volume – A good scalp scrub can also help to bring oxygen and revitalization to the hair. For hair that is limp or difficult to style, regular scalp scrub treatments can help to bring body and life back to your look. 


better bath better body epsom salts

How To Use Epsom Salt In Your Hair Care Routine 

Using epsom salt in your hair care routine is simple and there are a number of ways to go about feeling the benefits. The first and most popular way is to mix a tablespoon of epsom salt into your shampoo, and to gently massage the mixture into the scalp with your fingers. This can be done in the bath or shower, and the scalp massage only takes about a minute for effective peak exfoliation. Once you’re finished exfoliating, simply rinse and go about your regular haircare routine. 

For those who deal with dry or frizzy hair, you may want to add your epsom salt to your conditioner instead of your shampoo. Take the tablespoon of epsom salt, mix with your conditioner, and rub into the scalp down to your ends. Allow the mixture to sit on your hair for about two minutes then rinse. 

The third way to incorporate epsom salt into your hair care is a bit different. For those who love the natural, wild, and summery beachy waves look, salt sprays for styling the hair are a must-have. While these salt sprays can be rather pricey, many don’t realize you can make your own for a fraction of the price using your favorite epsom salt blend, a spray bottle, and a bit of water. Take a spray bottle and fill it with about 1 cup of warm water, add in ¼ cup of your epsom salt of choice, and shake the bottle vigorously so the salt dissolves. On dry hair, spray the mixture from mid-shaft to the ends and use your hands to scrunch texture into the hair. The result is natural, long-lasting, and healthy beachy waves. 

When choosing an epsom salt blend for the hair, it’s often best to go with something light, refreshing, versatile, and natural so it doesn’t clash with any additional aromas in your products. Deep Relaxation with the simple aroma of versatile lavender is an excellent pick, as is Muscle Soak with cooling aromas of eucalyptus and peppermint. For a salt spray product that also acts as a “hair perfume”, a more complex aroma like that found in the frankincense, lavender, geranium, chamomile, and lemon essential oil rich Postpartum soak has a more head-turning quality. 


better bath better body epsom salts

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