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Epsom Salt Sitz Bath For Self-Care: What You Should Know About It

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epsom salt sitz bath self care

A sitz bath is a warm, shallow bath that you sit in to relieve discomfort in your perineal area. Sitz baths are often used to help heal hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and other conditions that can cause pain and itching in the perineal area.

What most people do not know is the many non-medical benefits of sitz baths with epsom salt. If you are curious about sitz epsom salt baths or are planning to do them regularly, keep reading.

Sitz Bath Origin

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The term "sitz bath" comes from the German word "sitzbad," which means "sitting bath." Sitz baths have been used for centuries to relieve pain in the perineal area. They were first used in ancient Egypt to treat pain and discomfort from childbirth and hemorrhoids.

In the 1800s, sitz baths became popular in Europe and the United States as a treatment for different health conditions. They were popular among women after childbirth, as they helped to reduce pain and swelling in the perineum.

Today, sitz baths are still used to treat medical conditions. They are also sometimes used to help keep the perineal area clean and prevent infection. Adding epsom salt to your sitz soak gives a calming and soothing effect on the skin. We at Better Bath Better Body have a Sitz Bath Soak that is safe to use for any type of tub. Pure essential oils like niaouli, juniper, and geranium give a soothing aromatherapy experience.

Here are the non-medical benefits epsom salt sitz baths offer:

epsom salt bath soaks
  • Relaxation: Epsom salt sitz baths provide a calming and soothing experience, which can help you unwind and de-stress. The warm water and epsom salt combination create a comforting environment that can release tension and promote relaxation.
  • Self-care: Adding epsom salt sitz baths into a self-care routine will allow you to take time for yourself and focus on your well-being and overall mental and emotional health.
  • Comfort: Warm water and epsom salt can provide gentle relief and comfort to the pelvic region, especially after long periods of sitting or physical strain.
  • Improved sleep: The relaxation from epsom salt sitz baths can improve your sleep quality. You will wake up feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Enhanced mood: The relaxing properties of epsom salt can positively impact your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety or tension.

If you’re ready to start adding epsom salt sitz baths to your self-care routine, you can place an order here. We have sitz bath salts in pouches and buckets to suit your needs.

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