Epsom Salt Sitz Baths or Sea Salt Sitz Baths?

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Considering a sitz bath with soothing salts? You'll encounter two main options: sea salt and Epsom salt. But which is right for you? In truth, the choice boils down to personal preference.

Deciding between a sea salt or epsom salt sitz bath comes down to personal preference – neither is inherently better. Both offer soothing comfort and relaxation and elevate your bath experience.

But there are some key distinctions to consider:


Despite the "salt" in its name, epsom salt isn't quite the same as the table salt we use for cooking (sodium chloride). Epsom salt is actually magnesium sulfate, with a different chemical makeup.

However, both epsom salt and table salt share a similar crystal structure, which is why epsom salt dissolves and behaves similarly in a bath. Sea salt, on the other hand, is mostly sodium chloride, but it can also contain trace amounts of minerals like zinc, iron, and potassium because it comes from the ocean.

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Manufacturing & Sourcing

Though most epsom salt lining store shelves today is man-made, it can also be unearthed in its natural form. Mines and limestone caves, particularly in Germany and the United States, harbor deposits of this naturally occurring mineral.


Sea salt, with its delicate texture compared to the coarser and hardier epsom salt, is naturally absorbent. Because of this, it's best to store it in a cool, dark, and crucially, dry place.

Epsom salt, on the other hand, is known for its resilience and can be kept in a bathroom cupboard without any worries about affecting the salt's integrity.


Though both sea salt and epsom salt are coarse and dissolve readily in warm water, there are slight textural variations. Sea salt boasts a finer texture and dissolves even in lukewarm water, making it a better choice for cooler sitz baths.

This allows you to experience the benefits of a sitz bath without discomfort from excessively hot water.

Taking A Sitz Bath With Epsom Or Sea Salt

Epsom and sea salts are both excellent choices for sitz baths. Taking one is a breeze with either type of salt. You can use your regular bathtub with just a few inches of water, or opt for a portable sitz bath that fits on your toilet seat.

For a relaxing sitz bath in your bathtub, fill it with about 3 inches of warm water, just enough to comfortably cover your lower body. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of epsom salt or sea salt soak per gallon of water.

Swirl the water gently to dissolve the salts completely. Then, sink into the tub and soak for 15-20 minutes. When finished, get up slowly and carefully to avoid dizziness.

Using a portable sitz basin for a soothing soak is a breeze. Simply secure the basin onto the toilet seat, ensuring it sits firmly within the toilet bowl.

Fill the basin with warm water and, if desired, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of your chosen salts per gallon. Then, comfortably settle onto the toilet and soak in the sitz bath.

No worries about overflows – portable basins usually have drainage holes in the back that channel excess water directly into the toilet bowl, keeping your bathroom mess-free.

Once you've finished your soak, carefully stand up, pat yourself dry, and empty the sitz bath into the toilet before cleaning it.

Soaks And Salts For Your Sitz Experience

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Do you crave a relaxing soak in epsom salt or prefer the invigorating embrace of sea salts? Both offer unique benefits, making the choice a personal preference, not a competition.

Whatever you end up choosing, we at Better Bath Better Body have a wide selection of epsom and sea salt bath soaks. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Sitz Bath Soak – Indulge in an aromatherapeutic escape with our Sitz Bath Soak. Formulated with high-quality epsom salt, it soothes and relaxes your muscles.

Meanwhile, a blend of essential oils – lavender, frankincense, geranium, niaouli, and juniper – unfolds a fresh, invigorating scent to elevate your bath experience.

2. Lilliuma Sitz Bath Salt – The star of our Lilliuma Sitz Bath Salt is the mineral-rich Mediterranean sea salt. But it doesn't go it alone!

This soak is infused with a blend of calming ingredients, including fractionated MCT coconut oil, lavender and chamomile essential oils, jojoba oil, frankincense essential oil, and vitamin E oil.

This luxurious mix goes beyond relaxation, offering aromatherapy and skin-soothing benefits thanks to the coconut oil and vitamin E.

3. epsmRx Sitz Bath – Looking for a soothing soak? Our epsmRx Sitz Bath combines pure psom salt with fractionated MCT coconut oil for a relaxing experience.

It also includes calming essential oils of frankincense and Roman chamomile, along with jojoba oil and vitamin E oil, to pamper your skin. If you're curious about the difference between a sea salt bath and an epsom salt soak, epsmRx Sitz Bath's composition is similar to the Lilliuma Sitz Bath Salt, making it a perfect choice for a side-by-side comparison.

Ready to take a sitz bath with epsom salt or sea salt? Our undles are your best bet! Our Sitz Bundle (3-Pack) offers two epsom salt soaks and one sea salt soak, including a postpartum option.

If you’re leaning toward trying epsom salt more, we also have a Sitz Bath Soak (3-Pack) bundle.


Whether you crave muscle relief or a touch of luxury, both epsom and sea salt sitz baths offer a path to relaxation. Explore our selection of high-quality bath salts and discover the perfect soak for you!

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