Epsom Salt Vs Table Salt: Which Is Better For Your Feet?

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epsom salt vs table salt for feet

You may not often think about it, but your feet work tirelessly every day, bearing the weight of your body and carrying you through life's ups and downs. Show them some love by treating them to a soothing soak in salt. But, which should you choose for feet: epsom salt vs table salt?

In this guide, we'll explore the benefits of both options and help you make an informed choice for your foot care routine.

Epsom Salt For Feet: Nature's Soothing Elixir

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Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, has been a popular choice for foot soaks for generations. Here's why:

Muscle Relaxation And Stress Relief

Epsom salt is renowned for its ability to relax sore and tired muscles. When you dissolve it in warm water and soak your feet, it helps ease tension and promotes a sense of relaxation throughout your body.

So, after a long day on your feet, an epsom salt foot soak can be incredibly rejuvenating. Click here to order plain epsom salt online. We at Better Bath Better Body offer it in 5-lb pouches and 40-lb buckets.

Does epsom salt expire? It does, but when stored properly, you can use it for years to come. Learn more in this blog post.

Gentle Exfoliation

If you're looking to rejuvenate your skin as well, bulk epsom salt does wonders. The granules are small and gentle, making them an excellent exfoliant for your feet. By scrubbing away dead skin cells, you can reveal softer, smoother, and healthier-looking feet.


Epsom salt foot soaks also support the body's natural detoxification process. The magnesium in epsom salt can help flush out toxins and impurities from your body, making you feel more refreshed from head to toe.

At Better Bath Better Body, we have a Detox Foot Soak that contains pure, high-quality epsom salt and essential oils. Its blend of lemon, peppermint, and lavender is sure to relax not just your feet but also your mind.

Regular Table Salt: Basic But Beneficial

Table salt, a kitchen staple, might not be as renowned as epsom salt for foot care, but it still has its merits:

A. Antiseptic Properties

Table salt, due to its antimicrobial properties, can help cleanse your feet and prevent bacterial or fungal infections. It's a basic yet effective way to maintain foot hygiene.

B. Osmotic Action

Table salt has osmotic properties that can help draw excess moisture out of your skin. If you're dealing with sweaty feet, a table salt foot soak might help in reducing moisture-related foot issues.

C. Cost-Effective Option

One of the major advantages of table salt is its affordability. If you're on a tight budget and want a basic foot soak, it's an accessible option.

When To Choose Epsom Salt Over Table Salt

Epsom salt is often preferred for foot care, but when should you choose it over regular table salt?

For Relaxation

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If you're seeking relaxation and relief from muscle tension, epsom salt is the way to go. It offers a spa-like experience right at home. Try our Circulation Foot Soak and experience it yourself.

Skin Rejuvenation

To exfoliate and revitalize your skin, epsom salt's gentle granules are more effective than table salt.


When you want to aid your body's natural detox process, epsom salt is the ideal choice.

Overall, it's all about personal preference and your specific needs when it comes to the epsom salt vs table salt battle. Both salts have their unique advantages, and you can experiment to see which one works best for you.

Epsom salt is often favored for its relaxation, exfoliation, and detoxification benefits, making it an excellent choice for a pampering foot soak. So, give your feet the care they deserve and treat yourself to an indulgent epsom salt foot soak today.

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