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Essential Oils In Baths: The Benefits Of Frankincense

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Anyone who has truly enjoyed the benefits of essential oils in baths would be eager to share their experience with friends and loved ones. One might even say that they know exactly what’s the best essential oil for you. Among many others, they might ask you to try frankincense essential oil. Here’s why you should consider this particular recommendation.

Known Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

better bath better body essential oils in baths

Frankincense helps the body in cell regeneration. For this reason, its oil is a popular ingredient in skin care products.  To soothe dry skin or manage stretch marks and scars, boost your bath with 100% pure frankincense essential oil. Take note, you have to look for the “100% pure” guarantee in essential oil labels.

It is always smart to avoid synthetic ingredients for your own health and safety. Always read the product labels carefully to avoid exposing your body to unnecessary chemicals.

Now if you want to try DIY bath salts, be sure to use carrier oils to dilute the essential oils. Using frankincense essential oil in bath water has no known harmful effects. Still, all essential oils should be properly diluted and dispersed in your bath to avoid skin irritation.

Handcrafted Ready To Use Bath Salts

To keep their bath time simple and uncomplicated, a lot of people prefer to buy ready to use bath salts. At Better Bath Better Body, we offer plenty of choices so you can pick the best Epsom bath salts formulated with 100% pure essential oils and Vitamin C crystals. Our handcrafted bath salts are ready to use, so you can save time and just relax.

How do you know which essential oils would work best for you? You’re lucky if you have friends and family who can help you choose well based on your specific needs. Generally speaking, frankincense is a safe choice because of its serenity-inducing aromatherapy effects.

better bath better body essential oils in baths

The Gentleman’s Bath Soak is one of our best sellers. Frankincense essential oil is one of the key ingredients in this testosterone-friendly bath salt aromatherapy formulation. The Harmony Bath Soak is also popular for its rejuvenating and anti-stress properties. It is also infused with 100% pure frankincense essential oil.

More Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

There is definitely more to frankincense than its calming earthy-spicy aroma. After all, it has been around since historians could remember. It is also a part of many religions and cultures around the world.

Frankincense is also known to aid in digestion, soothe joint pains, and help the body fight the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Further, it is popular among people who meditate regularly. It is also used to manage throbbing headaches. Indeed, there are plenty of reasons why frankincense is considered a good essential oil.

better bath better body essential oils in baths

In 2009, researchers from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center studied the anti-inflammatory properties and other benefits of frankincense oil. The scientists concluded that it “appears to distinguish cancerous from normal bladder cells and suppress cancer cell viability.” Amazing frankincense!

We can expect more studies from the science community, but no one should take frankincense lightly. Ready to try it in your bath?

Here are more bath salt blends with frankincense essential oil (click to shop): Postpartum Soak, Sitz Bath Soak, Detox Foot Soak, and Soothe Your JointsCheck out our other bath salts here.

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