Five Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Athlete Friends

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Buying a fitness-related gift is not always as easy as it sounds. With all the options available on the market today, athletes often have their own preferences when it comes to brands and styles. There’s a whole world of fitness products out there, and naturally, you’d want to get something that your athletic friends will actually use (and hopefully love).

So where do you start with choosing the right gift for your athletic friends? Here are our ideas.

A Light Sports Towel

Whatever sport your friend is playing, they will likely need to take a bath after sweating it out. Make it easier by gifting them with a sports towel that’s portable and practical. Look for something compact but still big enough for drying off after shower. There are plenty of stylish options available nowadays, but if you’re not 100% confident about choosing something that matches your friend’s style, it’s probably best to go for a safe and solid color.

Sports Bottle

Epsom Bath Salt LoversThis is another safe gift choice. Water is essential in any sport, and it will remind your friend to stay hydrated during training. Go for BPA-free, dishwasher-safe options. Again, size is important when choosing a water bottle. Choose something that’s big enough to contain at least half a liter of water but still pretty easy to carry around.    


Epsom Bath Salt Wellness BlogIs your friend into outdoor sports? Give them a water- and sweat-resistant sunscreen that can be used during training. Choose an option that’s easy to handle and doesn’t require a lot of steps to use. If you're feeling extra generous, you might want to include a line of skincare products.

A Good Sports Watch

Help your friend track their goals with a reliable but stylish sports watch. This can get a bit tricky because there are so many options. It is best to go for something that has an accurate heart rate sensor and maybe sleep-tracking features. Of course, a fitness tracker feature is also important to help your friend see if they are on their way to meeting certain goals.

Epsom Bath Soak For Sore Muscles

It’s a good idea to give your friend the gift of relaxation. Rest days are an important aspect of training because they help in improving performance. Most athletes could use a nice, long muscle soak after training as it can help soothe their tired bodies.

Epsom salt can make regular baths even better. There are numerous health and benefits associated with taking regular Epsom salt baths.

Our Epsom salt is enhanced with 100% pure essential oils that can help give you aromatherapy benefits. We have a unique Athlete Bath Soak enhanced with the athletic healing aromas of pine and eucalyptus. It also has peppermint essential oil that can help rejuvenate the senses. 

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