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Five Reasons You Need To Moisturize Your Skin

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Do you really need to spend thousands of dollars buying dozens of bottles of skin care products? Probably not.

However, taking care of your skin is essential. You do need to invest time and effort to ensure that your skin is healthy. Even just committing to the basic steps can do wonders for your skin. One thing that you should never ignore is moisturizing your skin.

Why is moisturizing necessary?

Ready to say goodbye to dry and itchy skin? Here are the reasons why you should keep your skin healthy and moisturized:

  • Moisturizing Helps Protect Skin From Damage
  • It’s no secret that the environment can cause damage our skin. During the colder months, your face, lips and skin might get chapped, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. You might even find yourself with dry, red and irritated skin. Good thing you can moisturize regularly to replenish the lost hydration. Make sure you have a thicker moisturizer during the winter months to help avoid damage.

  • It Also Helps Prevent Eczema And Other Kinds Of Skin Damage
  • Dry skin is the gateway to many othe skin problems. For example, it can lead to Eczema, which  can feel irritating, itchy and enerally uncomfortable. Applying the right kind of moisturizer regularly can help prevent Eczema attacks. When you have an outbreak, moisturizing can help too.

  • Moisturizing Help Delay Aging
  • Five Reasons You Need To Moisturize Your SkinAccording to a 2010 study, regularly nourishing your skin with a moisturizer is effective in helping prevent aging. Wrinkles will show earlier on the face of a woman with dry skin compared to the skin of a woman with a well-hydrated skin. If you want to keep your skin full and radiant and if you want to look young and fresh, better start a moisturizing routine as soon as you hit twenty years old.

  • Moisturizing Feels Awesome
  • Who doesn’t love the soft and silky feeling of having awesomely moisturized skin? Having good skin feels good. Pampering yourself with a nice moisturizing bath is a great way to relax. Taking care of your skin is a simple but effective way to care for your mind, body and entire well-being.

    Got Dry Skin? Moisturize With Better Bath Better Body’s Epsom Salt Baths

    Five Reasons You Need To Moisturize Your SkinIn addition to numerous health benefits, Epsom Salt offers a lot of beauty benefits too.

    Epsom salt is made from Magnesium and Sulfate, which are minerals that help the skin retain moisture. Magnesium, in particular, helps enhance hydration in the body.

    We have a special Dry Skin Soak that can help you get rid of crocodile scales and alligator dryness. This harmonious blend contains Lavender Essential Oil which can help heal dry and damaged skin. It also contain Geranium Essential Oil to help fight wrinkles; and Lemon and Ylang-Ylang Essential Oils to help soothe and replenish excessively dry skin.

    All our products are made from 100% all-natural ingredients with zero chemicals and zero impurities, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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