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Five Ways To Detox your Body

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You may not realize it, but our bodies are constantly exposed to toxic and harmful substances because of the environment. Everyday we encounter chemical trails, pesticides, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients.

Toxins can affect your body’s ability to function well. They can affect your body’s immune system, the way your body burns fat, and even promote premature aging.

If you want to be really healthy, you need to detoxify your body and flush out toxins which may cause harm in the long run. It’s not hard as it sounds! Here are some tips that can help you:


  • Drink Your Vegetables
  • Five Ways To Detox your BodyFiber from fruits and vegetables can help you get rid of the toxins in your body much faster. Broccoli, seaweed, and cabbage are some examples of great detoxifying food. You don’t even have to be on a strict detox diet. You can simply incorporate these goodies to your everyday meals in order to enjoy the numerous health benefits.

  • Minimize Sugar
  • By now you probably know how bad white sugar can be. It can cause diabetes and can also cause complications in other health conditions. A 30-day sugar detox can do wonders for your body. During this period, avoid artificial sweeteners and choose natural versions such as honey or stevia instead. Also avoid cookies, pastry and processed foods that are packed with sugar.

  • Remove Toxic People From Your Life
  • This can be one of the most difficult aspects of fasting. You need a healthy mental and emotional state too. You need to surround yourself who make you feel good about yourself. Get away from people who make you feel tired or suffocated. It will be easier for you to have brighter and sunnier days if you don’t have to constantly deal with negative people in your life.

  • Try Fasting
  • Fasting helps speed up the detoxification process and it also gives your organs a short rest. If you can do it, try to fast for three to four days to eliminate the bad substances in your body. During this time, you can have complete abstinence from food and drinks, except from water and fresh vegetable juice. Don’t forget to check with your doctor if fasting is safe for you.

  • Add Epsom Salt To Your Regular Bath
  • Five Ways To Detox your BodyTransform your everyday bath experience into something extraordinary simply by adding Epsom salt to your regular bath water. Epsom salt is an all-natural wonder that is known to have numerous health and beauty benefits. In addition to helping detoxify the body, it can also help improve sleep, promote circulation and even keep you energized.

    Better Bath Better Body Bath soaks are enhanced with 100% pure essential oils that can help pull toxins from your muscles. Our Detox bath soak contains Ginger Root essential oil that can help your heal, cleanse, and restore your system. You simply have to add ½- 1 full cup of Epsom salt to your regular bath water.

    Enjoy your healthier bath!

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