Four People Who Will Enjoy The Benefits Of An Epsom Salt Bath

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We’re not kidding when we say that Epsom salt is for everyone. This drugstore staple offers a convenient and inexpensive way to solve a wide range of health and beauty problems.

For centuries, Epsom salt has been valued because it can be used for detoxification, relaxation, and so much more. If you don’t have Epsom salt in your home, you’re missing out.

Here are examples of people who would benefit most from an Epsom salt bath.

Stay-At-Home Moms

Think stay-at-home moms do nothing all day but relax? Think again. Mothers, especially those who have babies to take care of, have a lot on their hands. An hour to relax and pamper themselves can help make them feel energized. Our Deep Relaxation Bath Soak is the perfect blend that can help mom enjoy the deeply relaxing effect of lavender throughout her bath.     

Athletes Who Want To Recover Better

Athlete Bath SoakHaving an Epsom salt muscle soak is a great way to relax after training or doing an extensive workout. It can help alleviate discomfort. Our Athlete Bath Soak is enhanced with pine essential oil that can bring you relief. Just 20 minutes in the bath can make a huge difference.

Kids Who Need To Relax Before Bedtime

Is sending kids to bed a nightmare for you? Most parents know how difficult it can be to send kids to sleep. Sometimes, even reliable bedtime rituals like storytelling and drinking milk don’t work. Perhaps Epsom salt can change that. Epsom salt can help calm and relax the mind and promote better sleep. Our Sleepy Time Bath Soak is designed to help with relaxation, allowing your kids to get a good night’s rest. It can work for you as well.

People Experiencing Discomfort

Soothe Bath SoakEpsom salt can soothe your body whenever you’re dealing with various types of discomfort. Our Soothe Bath Soak can help you feel lighter and more balanced.

Better Bath Better Body’s Epsom Bath Salts

Our bath soaks are made from all-natural ingredients that are ethically sourced from their direct origins worldwide. We only use USP-grade Epsom salt with no impurities and additives.

All our unique blends contain 100% pure essential oils for additional benefits. We have products that can help address your different needs. Plus, our bath salts contain Vitamin C crystals to help make your bath water so much better.

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