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Enjoy the Holidays with a FREE Christmas Bath Soak

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The holiday season brings with it a lot of joy and a lot of stress triggers. And so, as we enjoy the heavenly smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies and sparkling Christmas lights, we also brace ourselves for the inevitable holiday stress. Don't worry, though. Better Bath Better Body offers a limited holiday treat that can melt all the holiday stress away.

FREE Christmas Bath Soak

This month, you will get a FREE Christmas Bath Soak with any purchase on our website. Just be sure to add Christmas Bath Soak in your cart to enjoy the giveaway. It's that easy. You don't even need to enter any coupon code.

Order Online To Get Free Epsom Salt Bath For Christmas

How To Get Your Free Christmas Soak

It's easy to get your FREE Christmas Soak when you place an order on our website. Follow these simple steps:

STEP 1. Place any product in your cart. No minimum quantity required.
STEP 2. Place at least 1 Christmas Bath Soak in your cart.
STEP 3. Check out your order, and voila! 

Remember, the Christmas Bath Soak is a Limited Edition product available only on our website until Dec. 31 or while supplies last. Get it while you can.

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