5 Simple New Year's Resolutions To Help You Pamper Yourself

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As 2020 begins, many of us are trying to start better lifestyle habits as part of our new year’s resolutions. Many of us tend to focus on goals like losing weight, or buying that new phone or car. We tend to forget that New Year’s resolutions should also be about learning to be kinder, gentler, and more thoughtful not only to others but also to ourselves. So how about learning to pamper yourself in 2020? Here are simple ways you can try at home. Read on.

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Stop Trying to Maintain a Perfect Diet

Instead of forcing yourself to stick to new fad diets, or taking up strict eating habits you know you’re not happy with, try mindful eating instead. Eat what you know is good for you, and eat until you’re full. Every now and then, live a little, eat what you like in moderation. A slice of pizza every once in a while won’t ruin your progress. 

Find Time to Disconnect From Social Media

The unpleasant habit of being constantly on your phone causes you more stress than you know. Apart from the overwhelming amount of negativity you’re exposed to most of the day, you’ll also be preventing yourself from making meaningful connections in real life. Though it may be difficult at first, you’ll find yourself appreciating the freedom of disconnection once you get the hang of it. This can be one of the best self-care New Year’s resolutions you can do for yourself, get it done and stand by it the entire year. 

Stop Overworking Yourself

Being committed to your dreams and ambitions is often an admirable trait, but there’s a thin line between being a goal-getter and being unhealthily obsessed with your career. If the work can wait until the next morning, don’t go on overtime and go home. Don’t take your work to bed with you, either. Not only does this New Year’s resolution count as self-care, maintaining a healthy work-life balance might even make you appreciate your job more. And you’ll be able to actually relax at home.

Spend More Time Outdoors

When was the last time you enjoyed a breath of fresh air? Surrounding yourself with nature, especially trees, effectively calms you down. It significantly helps reduce stress. If you have pets, take them along with you! Going on walks with a furry friend is a great way to get exercise in, enjoy nature, and build a better bond with your pet. 

Rest And Relax With A Candlelit Bath

Committing yourself to set aside some time for some quality rest and relaxation is one of the healthiest self-care habits you can develop. You deserve to unwind, don’t let anyone tell you different! One of the easiest ways to treat yourself is through a relaxing bath.

Light up some candles, draw yourself a bath, and add in skin-loving bath products that’ll relax, rejuvenate, and nourish you as you soak in the tub. We recommend Better Bath Better Body’s selection of relaxing bath soaks for this purpose! Try the Deep Relaxation Bath Soak for a soothing and rejuvenating bathing experience.

Interested in showing yourself a little more self-care in 2020? Start now by visiting the Better Bath Better Body shop, and choosing from the wide selection of relaxing Epsom bath salts for your next pamper session. Have an amazing year full of self-love and self-care. 

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