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Gift Ideas For Your Mommy Friends

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We all know the stereotype: Moms are always, always tired. If you’ve ever cared for a tiny human being - even just for a day - you’ll know why.

Juggling work, household chores, and taking care of children is definitely no easy task. Plus, raising human beings to become productive members of society is definitely a big deal. If you have a mommy friend and you want to show her that you care, here are some gift ideas that she’ll surely appreciate. She probably spends most of her money on her kids nowadays, so getting her a simple gift will make her feel really special.

Here are our ideas:

  • A Nice Journal And Colorful Pens
  • Gift Ideas For Your Mommy FriendsMotherhood is a messy but beautiful journey. A nice journal will encourage your friend to reflect and write down her thoughts about her daily experiences as a mom. You may not be there for her 100% of the time, but because of this journal, your mommy friend can just vent out whenever she needs to. She can also paste fun photos and memorabilia that will remind her just how fun motherhood can be.

  • Stylish Yoga Pants
  • Gift Ideas For Your Mommy FriendsTo a certain extent, it is indeed true that moms love yoga pants. Whether or not she actually exercises is irrelevant. It’s a great piece of clothing that will allow her to do her chores comfortably. Give her a stylish pair that she can use for anything and everything. She probably doesn’t get to buy clothes as often anymore, so this will be very much appreciated.

  • A Salon Date
  • The salon is a place the moms rarely get to visit. Why not schedule a salon bonding date with her. Treat her to a haircut and maybe even a mani/pedi session. This is also a great time for you to catch up! Surely, your mommy friend will appreciate feeling beautiful again.

  • A Complete Home Cooked Meal
  • Who doesn’t like a home cooked meal? Your mommy friend would appreciate it even more if she didn’t have to cook!

    Cooking a proper home cooked meal can be a big challenge for moms who always swamped with chores. Offering to cook (and clean up!) will make a huge difference. It will give her one evening to rest and relax.

  • Epsom Salt Bath Soak
  • Tired mommies tend to forget the importance of self-care because they are too busy taking care of other people. You can remind your mommy friend to relax and pamper herself by giving her Epsom baths!

    Epsom salt is an all-natural remedy known for numerous health and beauty benefits. It helps replenish the body’s Magnesium levels, which can help with relaxation. It is also known to help with detoxifying the body, promoting circulation, and improving sleep.

    Better Bath Better Body Bath Salts are enhanced with essential oils with aromatherapy benefits. We have different blends that can address your different needs. For someone who needs to relax, we recommend our Deep Relaxation blend. It is enhanced with Lavender Essential Oil to encourage a calm and peaceful aromatherapy experience.

    Better Bath Better Body Epsom salt baths are very easy to use. Just add ½ - 1 full cup of Epsom salt to your regular bath water. Soak away stress for at least twenty minutes

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