Gifts For The Bath Lover In Your Life

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better bath better body epsom salts

It can be fairly simple to find the perfect gifts for the bath lover in your life. For them bathing is an experience, and products that enhance that experience give them something to really look forward to. Each bath experience can be completely different and tailored to their individual mood at any point in time. 

Make It Personal 

Custom bath gifts for the bath lover allow you to make the gift not just fine tuned to their likes but personal to the giver as well. You can choose what goes into the gift with certain memories, likes, and dislikes in mind, so they can really think about you each time they sink down to enjoy their bath. If you’re buying gifts for the bath lover for a particular occasion, the gifts you choose can be tailored to that specific occasion, too. 

For a graduation, you may gift bath gifts that focus on rejuvenation, relaxation, and inspiring aromatherapy scents. For a birthday you might focus more on the luxurious and the soothing. For the parents bringing home a new baby, you might want to include epsom salts for a sitz bath and products that help them to wind down and rest. 

better bath better body epsom salts

Creating Your Personalized Gift 

Creating your personalized gift is easy. To build your own bath salts gift box filled with the bath soak epsom salt products they’re sure to love, first browse around the options. With products like Dry Skin Bath Soak perfect for the cold weather holidays, the Gentleman’s Bath Soak great for Father’s Day or birthdays, and the Stress Relief Bath Soak ideal for just about any occasion, there’s nothing to making a gift completely personalized and fitting with the occasion. 

Once you’ve browsed the selection, choose the 4 bath soaks you think your recipient will love the most. By clicking on the plus sign icon you can add your selections to your gift box in seconds. Once you’ve chosen your 4, you can begin building another box for another bath lover gift or you can start the checkout process to finish your purchase. 

Bundles Make Your Decision Even Easier 

If you simply can’t choose the perfect gifts for the bath lover in your life, pre-curated bundles take different soaks that work well together and bundle them for a great multi-soak gift. These curated bundles feature gifts for the athlete, those looking to de-stress, individuals looking for a refreshing and rejuvenating soak, and those that could benefit from a sitz soak among others. A few bundles that make particularly great gifts include: 

  • Citrus & Mint Bundle – This 3-pack bundle features the Joints Soak, Detox, and Athlete epsom salt products each featuring minty, refreshing, and citrusy scents. While these soaks can be used to soothe those with related concerns, they can also be used for the unique refreshing aromatherapy benefits of citrus or mint-based essential oils. Because these scents tend to be uplifting, they make a great gift for new parents, busy professionals, students, and those with a keen zest for life.
  • Transcendence Bundle – For those who love to get in touch with their higher self, the Transcendence Bundle is a gift they’re sure to dive right into. This bundle is a 3-pack featuring the Chakras, Deep Relaxation, and Tranquility epsom salt soaks to give a great boost to meditation and create an inner balance.
  • Bath Salts Sampler Pack – For the bath lover that enjoys a little bit of everything, the Bath Salts Sampler Pack is an excellent choice. This 4-pack gift bundle features Stress Relief, Deep Relaxation, Detox, and Muscle Soak bath soaks, giving a versatile selection suitable for just about every bath lover.
  • Aromatherapy Bundle – Many bath lovers get much of their enjoyment out of the scents they bring into their bath. The Aromatherapy Bundle is a 3-pack bundle with Slim Soak, Back Soothing, and Turmeric soaks, each with a focus on natural aromas that truly shine. The Slim Soak features scents of grapefruit and geranium, the Bath Soothing brings scents of lavender and peppermint to a bath, and the Turmeric soak has warm scents from cinnamon, ylang-ylang, orange, and turmeric essential oils. 

Presentation Of Your Perfect Gift 

After you’ve found the perfect gifts for the bath lover in your life, it’s time to consider the presentation. The custom bath soak gifts come packaged in a branded box, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leave your own mark on your gift presentation. The bath soak bags can be given in a gift bag for a simple but elegant gift, or you can incorporate the soaks into a gift basket alongside other bath time goodies. A bath pillow, a fluffy towel, a new book, or a candle can help to make the bath experience even better for your recipient. 

Each bath soak included in a bundle or a custom gift set is a substantial 2 pound bag, so they can enjoy several luxurious and soothing baths with each bag in their gift set. For a standard sized bathtub, one only needs to use ½ to 1 full cup for a complete bathing experience. For a foot soak or sitz style bath, only 1 to 2 tablespoons per gallon of water is necessary for a soothing and satisfying soaking session. This allows the bath gift sets or bundles to be gifts that keep giving. 

better bath better body epsom salts

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