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Top Causes Of Hemorrhoids

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Although hemorrhoids rarely bring long-term health problems, they can be can be really itchy, annoying and bothersome.

Also known as piles, hemorrhoids are swollen veins found in the rectum and anus. There are two kinds of hemorrhoids: internal and external. The symptoms of the problem depend on the location of the hemorrhoids.

Think you’re the only one suffering from this condition? It’s more common than you think! Here are some of the top causes of hemorrhoids:

  • Pregnancy
  • Top Causes Of HemorrhoidsHemorrhoids are common in women in the third trimester. The weight gain during pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on the veins behind the anus, which might cause them to swell. Pregnancy constipation can make the problem even worse. Also, women who just gave birth often complain of bleeding from hemorrhoids.

  • Aging
  • As a person ages, the likelihood of getting hemorrhoids increases. Those who belong to the 45 to 65 age bracket are more likely to see hemorrhoids flare up. It’s best to eat a lot of fiber and to avoid sitting too long in the toilet in order to prevent hemorrhoids.

  • Straining During Bowel Movements
  • Added pressure to the veins in the rectum during toilet time is easily one of the most common causes of hemorrhoids. Try to avoid pushing too hard during bowel movement to prevent hemorrhoids. According to some studies, squatting instead of sitting down can help prevent the problem.

  • Diarrhea
  • Loose and urgent bowel movements might cause the rectal area to become sore and irritated. It may cause a hemorrhoid to flare up, burn, itch and bleed. To prevent complications, make sure you increase your water intake and treat the problem with simple medicines form the drug store.

    Sitz Bath For Hemorrhoid Relief          

    Top Causes Of HemorrhoidsA sitz bath using warm water can help provide soothing relief from pain, itching and inflammation, but Epsom salt can help improve the condition even more.

    Made from Magnesium and Sulfate, Epsom salt has healing properties that can help detoxify the body. Since it was discovered, it has been used to treat various medical conditions.

    Better Bath Better Body’s Epsom Sitz Bath Salt is enhanced with certified pure Juniper Essential Oil and Niaouli Essential Oil that can help alleviate hemorrhoid symptoms and provide relief. You can use this in a sitz bath or a standard bathtub. Start with a small amount of about 1/8 to 1/4 cup and increase based on your specific needs.

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