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Love High Heels? Here’s How To Relieve Discomfort After Wearing Them

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If you’ve spent an evening in high heels, you know how painful they can be. It takes just 10 minutes for discomfort to set in.

Many women are willing to endure this, but pain is not the only concern. High heels can cause a variety of foot problems and other long-term physical issues.

Here are techniques that can not only relieve foot discomfort from high heels but also help you avoid related injuries.

What Heels Do To Your Feet

Podiatrists warn against the use of high heels due to their harmful impact on walking. The structure of high heels does not align with the natural needs of human feet.

Over time, wearing high heels regularly can lead to significant long-term damage to your feet, ankles, legs, hips, and back.

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High heels force you to walk in an unnatural position. While our weight is normally distributed on various areas of our feet while walking or standing, women in high heels put all their weight on the balls of their feet and their toes.

This does two things. First, it throws off your balance because you are essentially walking on your tippy-toes. Second, it puts too much pressure on those two parts of the feet, causing hammertoes and corns, in addition to pain.


Look up an image of any female celebrity attending a carpeted event and you’ll see awkwardly bent ankles almost every time. High heels force the ankles to bend forward unnaturally.

Not only is this painful, but it could also restrict blood flow in your feet. Regular restriction of blood circulation causes spider veins to appear in the long run.


Walking in heels causes the Achilles tendons and the calves to stiffen. Over time, the calves become chronically taut and shortened, which makes walking painful even if you're wearing flats.


Wearing high heels puts extra pressure on the knees, particularly on the inner sides. As a result, the usual wearing and tearing of the knees is accelerated, which can lead to the early onset of osteoarthritis.


High heels disrupt the body’s natural alignment, forcing the ankles into an unnatural position that also thrusts the hips forward. This causes you to arch your back and push out your chest, a posture often romanticized by the media but detrimental to your hip, back, and leg muscles.


Along with foot pain, you have probably noticed that high heels also come with lower back pain. This is because they force your spine to sway unnaturally, causing unnecessary pressure on your lower back.

How To Take Care Of Your Feet After Wearing High Heels

Ever wondered how some women effortlessly wear high heels for hours? It's all about preparation and post-wear care.

These women ready their entire body for heel wearing and have methods to ease the ensuing discomfort. Fortunately, there are effective ways to relieve foot pain and undo any damage caused by your footwear.

Here are some suggestions to try:

Wear The Right Type Of Shoes

It does not make sense to focus only on pain relief. Minimizing foot pain should start even before you wear heels. You can do this by choosing the right type of shoes.

  • Make sure that you wear the right size. Consider the length and the width of your feet.
  • Opt for shoes with thicker heels that offer more stability. Avoid stilettos, especially for daily use.
  • Choose high heels with platform soles because they help relieve the pressure on the balls of the feet.
  • If possible, wear shoe inserts for added padding and comfort for your feet.
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Strengthen Your Feet

Some foot exercises focus on enhancing strength and flexibility, crucial for those who regularly wear heels. These exercises help condition the muscles in your feet to handle pressure.

While strong feet may not make wearing heels comfortable for extended periods, they do contribute to reducing potential long-term damage. Give these foot exercises a try.

Stretch Your Legs

It was mentioned earlier that wearing high heels shortens and stiffens the calf muscles. Stretching your legs is a literal way of combating this effect.

They help lengthen the muscles, which contributes to endurance. With strength and endurance, your leg muscles can handle the pressure from walking in high heels. Eventually, you can be one of those women who don't mind wearing heels all day. Try these exercises to strengthen your leg muscles.

Have A Foot Soak After A Day In Heels

After a long day of wearing high heels, you can alleviate discomfort by soaking your feet. Our Circulation Foot Soak at Better Bath Better Body contains epsom salt and ginger, cypress, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils, which can help soothe your feet in no time at all.

A quick soak will allow you to relax after wearing high heels for hours, and the combination of scents will put your mind at ease so you can have a good night's rest.

Interested In A Foot Soak Detox?

We at Better Bath Better Body have a wide selection of aromatic foot soaks made from all-natural ingredients. Check them out to discover which foot soak can best help you recover after wearing high heels or uncomfortable footwear.

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