Holidays 2021: Best Gifts For Bath Lovers

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better bath better body epsom salts

Everyone knows how sacred bath rituals are for bath lovers and if you’re worried about what to give them this holiday season, lucky you because Better Bath Better Body has exactly the things you need. Your bath lover friends deserve only the best options that can help them relax and unwind amidst the bustle of the holidays. A good epsom salt bath with essential oils will do the trick.

Giving The Gift Of A Relaxing Bath

  1. Holiday Feels - The holiday season comes in with a cool and minty breeze. If coffee shops and chocolate stores start to have mint-flavored goodies, bath soaks have their own way of welcoming the season with their own minty fragrance. The Arctic Mint Shower Tablets are a revolutionary and life-changing addition to your shower rituals, allowing you to enjoy and feel the holiday spirit under the spray of your shower head. 

better bath better body epsom salts
Shower tablets are extremely simple to use but offer the same level of relaxation you would experience while soaking in your bathtub. Just put a tablet on the floor on a spot where the shower spray can hit it, and let the steam of the bath carry its cooling and therapeutic fragrance all over, as the pure essential oils diffuse while the tablet dissolves. For a perfect spa experience, you can use two tablets at once. The mint shower tablets are a pretty flexible gift for bath lovers because you don’t need a bathtub to enjoy them.

  1. The Break Every Bath Lover Deserves - The best way to end a long and exhausting day is a good and long soak in the bath. When it comes to stress relief, the Deep Relaxation Bath Soak is your trusted bath partner. This natural bath soak comes with lavender essential oil for aromatherapy that can help you clear your head and melt your stress away. The bonus: its wonderful aroma is not too overwhelming for your senses.
better bath better body epsom salts

This bath soak also contains Vitamin C crystals so you can enjoy better bathwater. If your friends and family are extra busy during the holiday rush, gifting them this epsom salt bath with essential oils will turn even their worst days better.

  1. Pure And Simple Pampering - Epsom salt bath soaks are the best gifts you can give to anyone, bath lover or not. The Slim Soak might even be the gateway for other people to discover the beauty and wonders of a comfortable and relaxing bath. Made with all-natural and healthy ingredients, giving your loved ones this bath soak can properly convey your care for them. 

This holiday season, help them relax and pamper themselves with a pure epsom salt bath. They can use it for their hands, feet, and all over their body for a complete and well-rounded relaxation experience.

  1. Love And Tender For Hardworking Mothers - For new mothers out there, you can make their first holiday season extra special with the AncienSea Postpartum Bath Soak. Many moms are looking forward to days and days of pampering and relaxation after pregnancy, and soaking in relaxing baths relaxes not only their spirits but also their bodies.

Mothers have nothing to worry about indulging in therapeutic bath salts. The postpartum bath soak contains pure essential oils that carry a relaxing fragrance, while at the same time soft and tender to the skin thanks to its expert mix of epsom salts, Dead Sea salts, and Mediterranean Sea salts. When gifting them with this carefully picked bath soak, don’t forget a smile and quick congratulating greeting to complete the moment.

Where To Buy Bath Salts

Searching and buying bath salts outside during the holiday season can wear you out, but fortunately, Better Bath Better Body has a vast collection of bath soak essentials online. One of the perks of browsing through the online catalog lets you look at each available option with no rush and urgency. Take your time and read what makes each bath soak special until you get to decide on your favorite fragrances and see what you need the most.

Online browsing also has the added benefit of being one of the firsts to get their hands on a seasonal bath soak. Checkout is easy and fast, and all you have to do is to relax and wait for your epsom bath salts to arrive.

better  bath better body epsom salts

Create Your Own Gift Box

 Make your gifts extra special by creating your own customized gift box. You can choose more than one or two bath salts to include in the set, combining your favorites or your loved ones’ preferred fragrances and varieties. Bath salt gift boxes are also a timeless gift that’s perfect not only for the holidays but for any occasion all year round.

The gift boxes are made with care and attention to detail. You can rest assured that your soaks are protected and will arrive at your doorstep without damages or leaks. If you cannot choose just one type of bath salts to give, cover all the bases and give them something minty, something extremely relaxing, and something to indulge in even at their most delicate state all in one gift box. As the holiday season breezes in, don’t forget to give yourself a gift too!

 better bath better body epsom salts

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