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9 Rejuvenating At-Home Spa Treatments For Anyone

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Treat yourself at home with some relaxing spa treatments. These don’t require you to splurge a lot of money to get the ultimate unwinding experience. In fact, you can do any of them anytime you want, and all you need are simple ingredients that you most likely already have. So if you want to save on self-care, create your own spa at home. We’re sure that you’ll find it enjoyable, especially after a long day at work.

Do A Body Scrub

    Regular exfoliation of the skin is essential to remove dead cells that can accumulate on the skin’s surface, which may lead to dry skin. You can do a refreshing body scrub at home by using some pantry staples. 

    Mix some brown sugar and olive oil. If you have Manuka honey, you can add it to the mix as well. Last but not the least, add some lemon or orange essential oil for a rejuvenating scent. 

    In the shower, rub the mixture in circular motions all over your body. Make sure to pay attention to rough spots.  

    Give Yourself A Facial

    Take out your favorite facial scrub and give yourself a facial at home! If you want to try something new, why don’t you go for a stone facial massage? This type of massage, which involves placing crystals or stones on your face, is said to have a soothing effect. Marble is the most common stone used for this type of facial, and selenite is also a great choice. Emerald, on the other hand, may be used to help with dry skin. 

    Wrap Your Body With Seaweed

      Seaweed can detoxify and cleanse the body. If you have some at home, you can wrap your body up with it. 

      To do a full-body wrap, soak the seaweed in a tub and drain the water while you apply the seaweed to various parts of your body. Then, stay in the tub for a couple of minutes. Set up some aromatic candles and light them just before you immerse yourself in the relaxing powers of seaweed on your body. Candles are good for chasing away the fishy smell of the seaweed. 

      Give Yourself A Hand Spa

        Want to soften your hands and make them look prettier? You can either use your choice of moisturizing scrub or make your own.  

        Mix together 1 tbsp. of olive oil, 1 tbsp. of sugar, and 1 tsp. of almond or grapeseed oil. Apply it to your hands and massage in circular motions. Rinse it off with warm water then pat dry. Finish the treatment off with a moisturizing hand cream or lotion.

        Deep Condition Your Hair

          You don’t need to break the bank just to get soft and shiny hair. Aside from purchasing commercial conditioners, you can mash up an avocado and apply it directly to your hair. This will give your hair moisture and nourishment. If you are looking for a treatment with more protein in it, you can apply beaten egg to your hair, leave it for ten minutes, and rinse it off with cool water. 

          Have A Milk Bath

            Immerse in a cleansing and nourishing milk bath at home. The lactic acid in milk will soften your skin, which can be soothing especially for people who experience dryness. How do you do this at home? Pour a few cups of whole milk or milk powder into your bath water and mix it with essential oils and honey. Add a luxurious spa vibe to it by sprinkling some rose petals in the water. 

            Treat Yourself To An Aromatherapy Shower

              If you don’t have access to a bathtub, you can still enjoy a spa experience at home through an aromatherapy shower. Choose a particular essential oil and add a few drops of it to a sponge or flannel. Place this on the floor or in front of you as you shower. This way, the steam will release the scent, and you will feel more relaxed than ever, even without a tub. 

              Have A Foot Soak Detox

              Epsom Bath Salt Lovers

                Your feet deserve a treat too, so don’t neglect your toes and heels and prepare a DIY foot spa. Get our Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak for relaxation and aromatherapy purposes. If you’re looking for something that will help you cleanse your feet more thoroughly, the Detox Foot Soak is an excellent choice. Soak your feet in a combination of Epsom salt and warm water, which will allow you to de-stress at the end of the day.

                Soothe Your Eyes

                  Do you have puffy or dry eyes? To give them some TLC at home, all you have to do is to cool chamomile tea bags and cucumber before placing them on your closed eyes in order to soothe the area. You can also opt for cool potato slices. When you do this, make sure to create the perfect atmosphere by lighting a few candles and playing some gentle music. Lie back with the tea bags on your eyes for ten minutes.

                  Are you ready to try out these spa treatments at home? Go ahead and do so. You deserve it, and you get to save a lot of money in the long run. With these, you will be able to loosen up, fight off stress, and release tension.

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