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How Can Bath Time Help Improve Sleep

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While a nice shower in the morning can help boost our energy and help us be productive throughout the day, recent studies show that a night time bath done right can help induce sweet dreams, too.

A nice soak in the tub can help ease tired muscles and prepare yourself for a good night’s rest.

Say goodbye to tossing and turning in bed with these easy steps. Here’s how to prepare your night time bath in order to sleep better.

  • Make It Part Of Your Bedtime Routine
  • No matter how busy your days may be, it’s a good idea to create a bedtime routine that could help you relax and unwind just before going to bed. A good routine can also help you get rid of the tensions of the day and prepare your mind and body for relaxation. Do what works for you. You might want to have a cup of chamomile tea or write on a journal before going to bed. Don’t forget to include a nice hot bath to your routine!

  • Get The Timing Right
  • It is important to time your bath right to help you relax and cool down. Staying in the tub for at least twenty minutes brings up your body temperature. It is the rapid cooling afterwards which helps you relax and sleep better. For best results, it is best to schedule your hot bath about two hours before going to bed

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  • Dim The Lights
  • Dimming lights in the bathroom can help you relax more and nudge your body towards sleep. Unfortunately, most bathrooms have inflexible lights that are just too distracting. You can get creative by using candles or tea lights as an alternative. Next time you have an electrician over, you can ask if it is possible to have a softer and more relaxing option on your next refit.

  • Avoid All Distractions
  • The bathroom is one of the few places where you can avoid all sorts of distractions simply by closing the door. Make the most out of your bath by staying unplugged and away from distractions that might keep you busy.


  • Add Epsom Salt To Your Bath
  • Yes, it is totally possible to make your bath time better simply by adding Epsom salt to your bath water.


    Ever heard of Epsom salt yet? It is most popularly known as a remedy from various illnesses such as achy and painful muscles. It also brings numerous beauty benefits and may be used around the households for various purposes.

    Epsom salt can help you relax because it helps promote the Magnesium levels in the body. It is known to help promote the feeling of calmness and tranquility.

    Better Bath Better Body Epsom Salt Baths are made even better by our unique blends of essential oils. To help you sleep better, we have a special Sleep Bath Soak that can help you feel more relaxed. It contains a special blend of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to relax you, and Orange Essential Oil to help inspire sweet dreams.

    Plus, we’ve also added Vitamin C Crystals to help you enjoy better bath water.

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