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How To Avoid Back Pain Even if You're Always Sitting At Your Desk

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How To Avoid Back Pain Even if You're Always Sitting At Your DeskWork-related back pain is a pretty common problem. Sitting in front of your desk for eight hours a day or more can be demanding on your health. More often than not, the static position causes unnecessary stress on the neck, back, and shoulders.

The human body is not designed to be sedentary for a long time. But most jobs nowadays require employees to sit in front of a computer and stare at screens all day. It is important to look for ways that will that will help you avoid serious health problems.

  • Invest In An Ergonomic Workstation
  • You’ll be spending a huge chunk of your day at your desk, so it is important to make sure that you invest in equipment that will make it easier for you to work properly. There are many things to consider in building an ergonomic workstation. The love back support, the armrest, and the eye level are just some of the things to consider. You might even consider getting alternatives to an office chair like a yoga ball or a standing desk.

  • Move Around In The Office
  • Sitting on an office chair might not sound like something tiring, but it it can cause fatigue and stress on your body. Make a conscious effort to stand up wand walk around every hour, to help reduce pain in the back, shoulders, or neck. It may be as simple going to the pantry to get water or to a colleague’s desk to ask a question. You can set an alarm on your phone every few hours to remind you if you haven’t been moving for a long time.                                                  

  • Adjust Your Monitor
  • How To Avoid Back Pain Even if You're Always Sitting At Your DeskThe height of your monitor also helps create a more ergonomic workstation. If you know that you will be typing all day, it is best to put your monitor in the middle of your work station, directly in front of you. Also, make sure that the top of the screen is at or just slightly below eye level. Ideally, you should be siting about an arm’s length away, but a bit farther if you have a bigger monitor.

  • Be Conscious When Using Your Phone
  • Do you use your phone to compose long emails? Not a good idea. Using your phone for texting and emails for a long time can cause problems in your neck and upper back. It is best to just use the computer to help prevent problems in your posture.

  • Regularly Pamper Yourself With A Relaxing Epsom Salt Bath
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