How To Create A DIY Self-Care Kit

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We all have bad days. You know, the ones where you just can’t deal with anything. Days when you are grumpy and irritable, possibly for no specific reasons. Days when you just want to draw the curtains, stay in bed, and do absolutely nothing.

It can be stressful to deal with all the heavy emotions and you might get frustrated with yourself. But hey, bad days are part of life. Just give yourself a break, respect your emotions and do what you can to make things easier.

One thing that can make your bad days just a little bit more tolerable is a pre-made self-care kit. Think of it as a collection of items that will be your first aid for bad days. So, whenever you need a distraction or something to lift your mood, you can just get your kit and find something that will make you feel better.

What you put in your self-care kit obviously depends on your preferences, but here are some ideas that might help.

Pen And Journal

How To Create A DIY Self-Care KitOne good way to deal with negative emotion is to learn how to express them. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you understand them better. Maybe you can write a letter to yourself or to the person causing you emotional stress. Maybe you can give a vivid picture of what you are feeling. If you prefer, you can replace this with drawing or coloring materials. Anything that will allow you to express your emotions will help you improve.

Your Favorite Movies Or Shows

Is there a movie that instantly makes you feel inspired or motivated no matter what? It’s a great idea to add them in your kit. Watching something you really like is definitely a lot better than mindlessly watching television. Make sure it’s something that inspires you and feeds your soul. Don’t add anything that might make you feel worse.

Emergency Chocolate Bars And Snacks

Eating chocolate is good for your mood and good for your brain. It helps stimulate the creation of endorphins or happy hormones. It helps with relaxation too. If you prefer, you can add other snacks as well. You can even add a box of your favorite tea. Just put items that will fill your stomach. It’s easy to forget eating when you are feeling bad. Don’t forget to grab something nutritious once you have the energy again.  

Uplifting Books And Photos

How To Create A DIY Self-Care KitIf you’re the type who finds comfort in reading books, add several of your favorites to your kit. Maybe add something inspirational that will make you feel better or a childhood favorite that will help you remember happy memories. You can also add pictures from celebrations or trips. Looking back on happy memories can help lift your mood too.

Epsom Salt And Essential Oils For Bath

A nice and relaxing bath is something that can also help you feel better. Include Epsom salt baths in your kit so you can soak away stress when you are feeling down. Epsom salt is known to help with relaxation. it can also help with tired joints and muscles that need pampering.

Our Epsom bath salts are enriched with 100% pure essential oils that can make you feel even relaxed. We have an Mind Calming Bath Soak enriched with ylang-ylang, frankincense, lavender, and chamomile essential oils to help you feel better.

Just add one cup of Epsom salt to your regular bath water and enjoy your "me time."

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