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How To Keep Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

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When it comes to saving the environment, every single thing counts.

Yes, big projects and campaigns like saving the ocean are important, but changing our habits and lifestyle contribute to positive change too. That’s why using metal straws and eco-bags is a pretty big deal.

You can also help save the planet by making simple changes in your bathroom. It may sound like a daunting task but there simple ways to contribute change.

Here are ways to achieve an eco-friendly bathroom with ease:

  • Install An Eco-friendly Toilet
  • How you design your bathroom has a huge impact in the environment, so it is important to choose fixtures and products that won’t cause additional damage to the planet. If you have the budget, install a dual-flush toilet that uses half the amount of water to get rid of liquid waste. If you already have a regular toilet installed in your home, you can invest in a kit that will convert it into a dual flush one.

  • Stop The Leaks
  • How To Keep Your Bathroom Eco-FriendlyWater wastage is one of the biggest factors that cause damage to the planet. It is important to stop the leaks from a runny toilet or a leaking faucet so you won’t contribute to the problem. As soon as you suspect that there’s something wrong in your bathroom, it is best to try and call a plumber who can fix the problem. If you have the knowledge, you can even try doing it yourself. Regular maintenance of your bathroom is important too!

  • Use Natural Light As Much As Possible
  • It’s very good if your bathroom has huge windows that will let natural light in as much as possible. Aside from the additional energy savings, it is also a great way to make your bathroom look bigger. If you must install lights in your bathroom, choose LED lights which lasts up to 50 times more than incandescents. You can expect big savings in your energy bill too.

  • Use Homemade Products To Clean Your Bathroom
  • Instead of using harsh commercial cleaning products that can be harmful to the planet, go for homemade cleaning products instead. Baking soda and vinegar are some of the ingredients that can help you clean your bathroom safely and ecologically. Lemon or a bit of essential oils can also help make your bathroom smell clean! Making this choice can be good for your health as well because you won’t get exposed to hazardous chemicals.

  • Choose All-Natural Bath Products
  • How To Keep Your Bathroom Eco-FriendlyBecause more and more people are concerned about the environment nowadays, there is now a wide range of eco-friendly and all-natural products that you can use in the bathroom. From hand soap to towels, you can easily choose products that are less harmful to the planet. In addition to a lower environmental footprint, natural bath products are often better for your skin too.

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