How To Make Your Kids Sleep Better

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Most parents know what a nightmare bedtime can be. Putting your little one to sleep is definitely not as easy as it sounds. There will be crying. There will be begging. There will be fights.

Sleep is an essential part of a child’s well-being, so as a parent, you must do what you can to make it restful for your kids. Looking for ways to make bedtime just a little bit more bearable? Here are our ideas.

Keep Those Gadgets Away

Epsom Bath Salt LoversDon’t let your kids lose sleep because of screen time. Gadgets such as cell phones and tablets are associated with poor-quality sleep. The light from these gadgets and using them just before bedtime can definitely cause problems. It is best to just keep gadgets away from the bed or outside the room altogether.

Get Your Kids Moving During Daytime

Bedtime will be so much easier if your kids are tired. Make sure that they have some activities to keep them busy during the daytime. You don’t have to keep them busy for the entire day; just a few hours of activity will do. They can play with their friends at the park or even help you with the household chores.

Avoid Sugar, Especially Around Dinnertime

Epsom Bath Salt Wellness BlogThink a bar of chocolate after dinner is a good idea? Think again. Sugar can make it more difficult for kids to calm down and stay relaxed. If your kid asks for a snack, choose something light and healthy such as a fruit or vegetable. Don’t give your child anything too heavy because it will likely disrupt sleep too.

Make A Bedtime Routine

Routines are important for children. They feel safe and comfortable when they know what’s going to happen next. A 20-minute routine of reading books or telling stories is a great way to end the day. Perhaps you can find your child’s favorite book and read it to him or her every night to make him or her feel safe just before sleeping.

Give Your Child A Nice Bath With Pure Epsom Salt

It will be so much easier to make your kids relax if they feel clean. Soaking in a warm bath can make some kids feel sleepy.

Make your child’s bath even better with Epsom salt.

Made from magnesium and sulfate, Epsom salt is known to help replenish the magnesium levels in the body. It helps detoxify the body, improve skin, and promote better sleep. It’s an all-natural solution that is generally safe to use, even for children. But of course, it is important to ask for the opinion of your trusted physician too.

Better Bath Better Body has a special blend designed to help improve sleep. Our Sleepy Time Bath Soak contains blue tansy, ylang-ylang, and orange essential oils. This harmonious blend will allow your child to have the sweetest dreams.

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