How To Prepare A Sitz Bath

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Sitz baths are most popularly known for providing soothing relief and comfort. Yes, sitting in warm water for around ten to fifteen minutes can make you feel so much better. However, always check with your doctor if you’re adding something new to your regular routine.

Preparing A Sitz Bath Is Surprisingly Simple

The only thing you really need to prepare a sitz bath is a plastic tub or basin that fits over your toilet. Choose something that fits well and won’t move around. Fill this with warm water and comfortably sit on it for ten to fifteen minutes a day. You can also enjoy the same effect if you sit on a bathtub filled with a few inches of water. Try to relax as you enjoy your sitz bath. Reading a book or flipping through a magazine is a good idea.

Because a sitz bath is an all-natural solution, you can do it several times a day to find much-needed relief. However, take breaks in between to give your skin time to dry and heal. Also, don’t forget to wash and clean the basin or tub well after having a sitz bath.

Discover The Benefits Of An Epsom Salt Sitz Bath

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