How To Use Epsom Salt On Scalp

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epsom salt on scalp

The many benefits of epsom salt for the body are well-known, but what about the scalp? The scalp is an area that too often goes ignored, with most not realizing how the state of the scalp greatly influences “good hair days” or “bad hair days”. Epsom salt on scalp is one tool to keep in any personal care toolbox to increase those good hair days in an easy and soothing way. 

How Is Scalp Care Done With Epsom Salt? 

Scalp care with epsom salt can be done in the shower, in the bath, or even in a sink or bucket. Simply, all you need is warm water, epsom salt, and a nice towel to dry off with. 

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During a shower, run your perfect haircare temperature. For those with oily hair, this could be a hotter temperature, for those with anti-frizz goals or who have colored hair, this could be on the cooler side. Once you’re in the shower, you can approach your epsom salt on scalp care in two ways – either with shampoo or separate from your shampoo session. With shampoo, take a palm full of your favorite epsom salt blend and mix it right in with your product. After the product has been mixed, rub it gently into the scalp, using your fingers to make small circular motions all around the scalp area. 

Without shampoo, you may choose to do your epsom salt session before washing your hair or in lieu of washing with shampoo at all. For hair with a particularly large amount of product buildup, you may shampoo first and then treat your clean scalp to a little epsom salt pampering. The choice is up to you, and you can always try different methods in your shower to determine which you like the best. 

In the bath, you can use shampoo or not, but as along as you have wet hair, you can effectively exfoliate and revitalize the scalp with a soothing epsom salt session. This is a great way to pass the time while having a relaxing soak, as you give yourself more of a “full body” experience soaking, exfoliating, and overall rejuvenating. 

Once you’ve gently rubbed the epsom salt, or epsom salt and shampoo combo, gently all over the scalp, it’s time to rinse. It’s important to rinse with clean water of your preferred temperature, and to gently feel the scalp and hair to ensure all of the salt has been thoroughly rinsed out. Along with the salt, you’ll be rinsing away, dirt, oil, buildup, and the dead skin cells that have been making those great hair days harder and harder to achieve. 

Epsom Salt On Scalp For Professionals 

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While epsom salt scalp scrubs are a great at-home pampering tool, they also have their place in professional salons. As an additional service to be included with a shampoo, or a separate service completely, a scalp scrub with epsom salt can help to give clients that soothing, clean, fresh from the salon feeling. Professionals may even make their own hair nourishing oil and epsom salt products to sell on the shelves, so clients can replicate their salon experience at home. 

Epsom salt in smaller bulk bags makes it easy and cost effective for professional salons to offer refreshing salt scrub services and products. 

What Does A Scalp Scrub Do?

The main job of a scalp scrub with epsom salt is to exfoliate the scalp. When the skin naturally turns over and regenerates new skin cells, the old dead skin cells are left on the surface. As these skin cells build up, they leave the skin looking dull and perhaps feeling uncomfortable. On the scalp, this dullness doesn’t stop at the scalp, and some may notice their hair losing its body or luster when their scalp is in need of exfoliation. 

Epsom salt for the scalp also helps to do away with product buildup that sits on the surface of the scalp even through regular shampoos. Those with hard water, or those who regularly use product on their hair, may not realize that these materials can build up, further causing lifelessness or dullness to the hair. An epsom salt and shampoo treatment not only cleanses the strands of the hair, it helps to eliminate all of that product buildup that may be causing frustrating hair days. 

When the epsom salt is rinsed away, along with it goes the product, the buildup, and the dead skin cells that have been blocking up the scalp and hair’s true radiance. Those partaking in these pampering treatments can see just how beautiful their hair truly is. 

What Epsom Salts Make Great Scalp Scrubs?

When choosing an epsom salt blend to use as a scalp scrub, focus on the aromas and all-natural ingredients to get the sort of experience you’re looking for.  Some blends that work well for scalp exfoliation are: 

  • Deep Relaxation – Deep Relaxation is a simple blend with only the all-natural essential oil of lavender to provide aroma. Lavender is a famously versatile aroma that goes along with all sorts of different scents, so it works particularly well mixed into favorite shampoos. Along with lavender, this blend features fractionated MCT coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, and Vitamin C crystals.
  • Dry Skin – Naturally soothing, Dry Skin blend uses essential oils of lavender, lemon, ylang-ylang, and geranium. It provides a delicate and stunning aroma to shampoos or when used alone.
  • Plain Epsom Salt – Sometimes you just can’t beat the original. Especially for salons creating their own products and services, plain epsom salt does the job while leaving room for you to get creative. The only ingredient is pure USP grade epsom salt. 

An epsom salt bath isn’t the only way to enjoy the many benefits of epsom salt. In a scalp scrub, epsom salt can be the pampering treatment anyone is looking for to unveil the true beauty of their hair. It’s easy to use, can be done in personal or professional settings, and it allows you to refresh an area of the skin that is all too often ignored.

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