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50 lbs epsom salt bag

Epsom salt isn’t just a bath product, it’s an everything product. When you buy epsom salt in bulk, you stock up for baths, for beauty treatments, for floats, for gardening, for horse care, and for so much more. Plain USP grade epsom salt has the kind of versatility needed to become one of a home or business’s most used products. 

For The Home 

When a homeowner or resident decides to buy epsom salt in bulk, they’re buying a product that will go from the shower, to their cleaning supply closet, to their garden out front. Some of the most popular uses for epsom salt around the home include: 

  • Home spa exfoliation – Exfoliation may be viewed as a “pampering” thing, but it’s actually crucial to keeping skin looking fresh, glowing, and renewed. When skin cells turn over, which they are doing constantly, dead skin cells get left behind. This is what causes the skin to begin looking dull or lifeless and sometimes feeling itchy or uncomfortable. When dead skin cells stick to the surface of the skin, your products, like moisturizers and serums, can’t soak in and work as effectively. Fixing the issue is simple – an epsom salt scrub. A small pinch of epsom salt in the palm of your hand, and rubbed gently on damp skin, can work to eliminate the invisible dead cells making your skin look less than fresh. After an exfoliation treatment, many find that moisturizers, lotions, and other products simply work better.

    epsom salt bath soak
    In an at-home spa setting for exfoliation, epsom salt is most often applied to the arms, chest, legs, scalp, and feet.
  • In the bath – One of the most common ways to enjoy epsom salt is in a relaxing bath. Along with additives like all-natural essential oils, or on its own, USP grade epsom salt brings a soothing and comforting nature to any hot bath. About ½ to 1 cup of salt in a standard sized bathtub, or 2 tablespoons of salt per gallon in a soaking tub or basin, is enough to transform your bath into something even more comforting.
  • In your cleaning supply closet – You likely have your brooms, scrub brushes, sponges, cleaning solvents, bleach, and rags, but what about epsom salt? From scrubbing grout to making easy work of baked on dishes, epsom salt is a natural solution to some of the most frustrating cleaning challenges. Mixing epsom salt with an equal amount of dish detergent can be your secret weapon against stuck on grime and tough stains. For laundry, epsom salt is often used to boost natural laundry detergents for brighter, cleaner clothes.
  • For the garden – For home gardeners, plain USP grade epsom salt might just be your secret to bigger blooms, lush foliage, and more impressive produce. In the heat of the summer months, the soil naturally loses necessary magnesium for produce plants, resulting in plants that are struggling despite doing everything “right”. The addition of about 1 tablespoon of epsom salt per plant to your water or directly to the soil can help to put magnesium nutrients back into the soil and fight that hot season slump.

    For those who grow ornamental plants like roses, dahlias, or other flowers, a bit of epsom salt in the soil can help to produce bigger blooms and darker foliage, leaving plants looking healthy and feeling robust. If you’re fighting garden slugs, creating a spray with epsom salt and water can effectively deter pests in organic gardening. 

For Businesses 

epsom salt foot soak

Bulk epsom salt has its place in the home, and it has its place in a variety of businesses of different industries. From float spas to equine centers, buying epsom salt in bulk bags has its advantages. Some businesses that may require bulk bags of USP grade plain epsom salt are: 

  • Float tank spas – Float tanks are the newest way to let go, relax, and soothe. In these spas, a person floats in a private tank filled with highly saturated room-temperature water, allowing them to completely relax in their bodies and their minds. Once popular with celebrities, it’s a form of relaxation that’s catching on with anyone in need of a little spa-like R & R. Float tank spa owners will require tons of bulk epsom salt a couple of times per year to keep their tanks clean and effective.
  • Salons and spas – Salons and spas can make great use of epsom salt bulk bags. For hair salons, epsom salt can be used for scalp scrub treatments or made into at-home haircare products salon owners can sell to offer a bit of the experience at home. At manicure and pedicure salons, USP grade epsom salt can be used to exfoliate the hands and feet during in-salon treatments or as take-home products.
  • Independent personal care creators – Bath bombs, bath soaks, exfoliators, and other popular personal care products feature top-grade epsom salt. Creators should seek out USP grade epsom salt without additives to ensure they can safely and effectively use this ingredient in their own unique creations.
  • Equine centers – Epsom salt is a must-have product in horse care. Soothing and comforting, it’s an excellent way to provide calming care to horses after a long day on the track or exploring a trail.
  • Garden centers – Epsom salt is just as effective in professional nurseries and gardens as it is in home gardening. Organic professional gardeners and garden centers use epsom salt to make sure they maximize the potential of their plants, and their customers can make the most of their gardening efforts as well. 

Versatility Anywhere With USP Grade Pure Epsom Salt 

Without additives or fillers, USP grade pure epsom salt is something that anyone can use. In bulk, it’s a product that serves any need and never expires. While many may not realize that uses go far beyond epsom salt bath needs, they quickly find that they’re reaching for their bulk salt each time they clean, pamper, garden, and more. 

You can now buy epsom salt in 50 lbs bags here at Better Bath Better Body. Order now and never run out again.

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