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How To Use Sitz Bath For Toilet: Get Sitz Tub Bundle For Your Home Spa

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A sitz bath for toilet makes taking sitz baths at home easier than ever. If you need to upgrade your hemorrhoid-soothing bath ritual, make sure to get your own over-the-toilet sitz bath soaking tub.

For those who do not have a standard bathtub, this makes sitz baths possible. For those who do, it provides the kind of comfort and convenience your traditional bathtub may not offer.

How Does A Sitz Bath For Toilet Work?

A toilet sitz bath provides a simple and accessible way to experience the benefits of a sitz bath, and it can be conveniently used with any standard toilet. In this guide, we'll break down the process into easy-to-follow steps, from setup to clean-up.

Installation And Setup

The sitz bath is designed like a small basin with a hole located in the back, and it's attached to the back of the toilet. This positioning allows the basin to sit comfortably in the upper part of the toilet bowl. To set it up, follow these steps:

  1. Attach to the toilet: Secure the sitz bath to the back of the toilet.
  2. Fill with warm water: Once attached, fill the bath with warm clean water, ensuring it's neither too hot nor too cool.

Taking A Sitz Bath

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Sit on the toilet with your bottom area submerged in the sitz bath water. This provides a comfortable, accessible, and safe alternative to a standard bathtub. The recommended soak time is around 20 minutes, allowing for optimal benefits without prolonged exposure.

Ensure the water temperature is suitable for complete comfort and relaxation. Consider adding our Sitz Bath Soak at Better Bath Better Body to enhance the experience.

Post-Soak Cleanup

After completing the sitz bath, follow these steps for a seamless cleanup:

  1. Rise slowly: Because of potential deep relaxation, rise from the bath slowly.
  2. Pat dry: Pat your skin dry with a clean, soft towel to avoid irritation.
  3. Drain water: Utilize the small hole in the back for draining water directly into the toilet bowl.
  4. Flush and clean: Flush the water, and the sitz bath is ready for cleaning.

Sitz Bath Maintenance

Maintaining your sitz bath is straightforward and ensures its longevity for future use. Wash the sitz bath with gentle soapy water. Dry it with a clean towel then store it under a sink or in a bathroom closet, often accompanied by a storage bag for convenience and discretion.

With this detailed guide, you can seamlessly incorporate a toilet sitz bath into your routine for a soothing and relaxing experience.

How To Turn Your Sitz Bath Into A Home Spa Experience

Sitz baths offer more than just relief from hemorrhoid discomfort. They provide a soothing and relaxing experience, creating an opportunity for self-care within the comfort of your home.

Elevating this experience is the incorporation of epsom salt blends, enhancing your sitz bath into a personalized spa session. This addition introduces all-natural aromatherapy, enveloping you in a calming sensation during the soak.

Here are some of our sitz bath blends at Better Bath Better Body that effortlessly infuse a spa-like atmosphere into your bathing routine:

  • Sitz Bath Soak – The classic Sitz Bath Soak is an ideal choice for both those new to sitz baths and those already enamored with the soothing experience they offer.

    It combines high-quality ingredients, including USP Grade epsom salt, fractionated MCT coconut oil, vitamin C crystals, vitamin E oil, and essential oils of lavender, frankincense, geranium, niaouli, and juniper.

    The resulting blend is a refreshing and relaxing aromatherapy experience, evoking the same rejuvenating sensations as taking a deep breath of fresh outdoor air.
  • Lilliuma Sitz Bath Salt – The Lilliuma Sitz Bath Salt combines the benefits of Mediterranean sea salt for a soothing and mineral-rich soak. Infused with nourishing ingredients such as fractionated MCT coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and vitamin E oil, it offers a comforting experience for the skin.

    The addition of essential oils, including lavender, chamomile, and frankincense, enhances the overall experience by creating a relaxing aromatherapy sensation.
  • Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak – New moms always appreciate a bit of self-care in the comfort of their own home, and our Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak is the perfect indulgence.

    Crafted with pure epsom salt, fractionated MCT coconut oil, vitamin C crystals, vitamin E oil, and a blend of frankincense, lavender, geranium, chamomile, and lemon essential oils, this soothing concoction promises a rejuvenating experience for well-deserved relaxation.
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To make the most of your sitz bath blend, begin by adding approximately 1 tablespoon of your selected soak to each gallon of water. Adjust the quantity to your preference, gradually increasing it to 2 tablespoons per gallon if desired.

Comfort levels vary, with some finding satisfaction at the lower end of the scale, while others may opt for a bit more soak in their sitz bath.

A Better Sitz Bath Experience

As you settle into your sitz tub, take a moment to relax with your thoughts or enhance your experience with some entertainment. Playing calming music softly in the background can add to your relaxation, or you can use this time to indulge in your favorite hobbies and pastimes.

While seated on your sitz tub, consider catching up on your preferred shows using a tablet or smartphone, exploring a new language with a language app, enjoying funny videos, or immersing yourself in a puzzle or word search. Your sitz bath is your personal relaxation time, and you can tailor it to suit your preferences.

Transform your bathroom into your own spa by incorporating a sitz bath for toilet, your favorite bath salts, and your toilet. Our Sitz Tub Bundle at Better Bath Better Body makes for an excellent gift for friends and loved ones in need of effective hemorrhoid-soothing self-care.

It’s available now––simply click on the image below to elevate your self-care routine or order here.

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