Incredible Ways You Can Use Epsom Salt During Emergencies

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Do you have Epsom salt in your emergency cabinet?

Epsom salt serves multiple purposes. Without a doubt, it is an essential item for every home. Aside from the numerous health and beauty benefits that it offers, Epsom salt also has medicinal properties that can help during emergency situations.

Don’t forget to ask for the opinion of a professional to know more about the precautions of using Epsom salt during emergency situations.

Wondering what Epsom salt can do during emergency situations? Here are examples:

  • To Reduce Inflammation
  • If you have swollen or sore muscles, Epsom salt can help reduce the swelling and provide relief because Epsom salt is known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. If you don’t have a tub, you can use Epsom salt compress for the affected area. You can make this simply by mixing half a gallon of water with a cup of Epsom salt. Soak a towel in the mixture. Wrap the towel around the affected region for about 15 minutes.

  • To Soothe Insect Bites
  • Epsom salt can help with insect bites and skin irritations as well. If you have sunburn or rashes from poison ivy, this simple solution can help relieving redness and itching. You can make your own Epsom salt paste by mixing 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt to 1 cup of hot water to create a paste. Clean the wounded area

  • To Remove Splinters
  • Got a stubborn splinter that needs to be dislodged? Epsom salt can help remove splinters too. The procedure is unbelievably simple. You just have to soak the affected area in Epsom salt to help soften the splinter, and at the same time, reduce the inflammation around the wound. This makes it so much easier to remove the splinter.

  • To Help Heal Open Wounds
  • Dealing with an open wound can always get a bit tricky, but Epsom salt can be effectively used to help speed up the healing process. Mix 4 cups of hot water with ½ cup of Epsom salt. Mix well until the Epsom salt is dissolved. Submerge the wound in the solution for about ten minutes. As always, we advise you to check with your professional health care provider before starting any kind of treatment.

  • To Relax Achy Muscles
  • Incredible Ways You Can Use Epsom Salt During EmergenciesWe all know how uncomfortable achy muscles can be. Popping a painkiller is not always the best option. This is a simple, all-natural, and affordable way to solve the problem. All you have to do is mix 1 cup of Epsom salt to your regular bath water. Soak away the aches and tension for at least 20 minutes to enjoy maximum benefits.

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