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13 Indoor Activities To Keep Your Children Entertained

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When school break rolls around, your children will spend most of their time at home. Instead of letting them be glued to mobile devices, have them immerse in activities that will keep them entertained more naturally. Here are some ideas:

Sit Down And Read A Book

As early as now, introducing the beauty of reading to your little ones is an excellent idea. Every day, set aside a reading time with your child and allow them to choose a book. It would even be better if you can turn it into a routine so that your child quickly develops a reading habit.  

Play Board Games

    Board games are a fun way to not only kill time but also bring the whole family together, so take out a few board games and play them with your children. In doing so, you’re honing your child’s creativity and problem-solving skills. If you don’t have any board games in the house, get some paper and do simple yet fun games such as Hangman and tic-tac-toe. 

    Do Scientific Experiments

      Is your child fascinated with science? Even if they’re not, at-home science experiments are sure to catch their attention and keep them busy. The good thing about a home science experiment is that you only need simple materials to do them. Moreover, YouTube has plenty of videos that can guide you, and you can also get experiment kits delivered to your home. 

      Get Them Moving

        Prevent your children from living a sedentary lifestyle by allowing them to engage in physical activities at home. Go out in the backyard and have them run around. Let them practice their favorite sport or explore a new one. You can also play ball or tag with them while you’re outside. If you don’t have a yard, going to the nearest park is an excellent idea to keep your children (and yourself) moving.  

        Make Something In the Kitchen

          Whether your child has shown interest in cooking or not, creating something in the kitchen with your children is a rewarding activity that will keep them busy. It can also be a wonderful way to spark their interest in the culinary arts. 

          Every week, schedule some kitchen time with your little one, and look up easy recipes you can do with them. If your child is old enough, you can even have them cook for you while you assist them in the kitchen. Let them explore recipes and watch videos as well so they can come up with their own ideas and feel a bit more independent. 

          Do A Treasure Hunt

            A treasure hunt is a fun activity for kids of all ages. It may take a bit of planning, but it’s going to be worth it. Scatter clues around the house and let your little ones find them. You can also improvise an obstacle course while you’re at it to make the hunt even more exciting. It would be best to use materials that are already available in your house so you don’t have to run to the store. 

            Learn New Things

              Thanks to the wonders of digital technology, we now have access to plenty of educational resources for our little ones. One thing to keep your children busy at home is to have them learn something new. Pick out topics and videos online and have your kids learn them every day. You can also choose materials for areas that they’re struggling with. There are fun learning resources online, so your little ones won’t be bored or lose interest right away. 

              Let Your Little Ones Help You Out

                Whether you’re cleaning or preparing snacks, let your children help you out around the house. Encourage them by giving them small prizes when they complete a chore. Not only will you get things done more quickly, but you will also get to impart essential skills to your children that they can use later in life. 

                You can also assign chores and have your kids complete them at a particular time. Just make sure that you give them a task that they can handle. 

                Give Them Tasks

                  Aside from chores, you can give your children tasks to keep them occupied, such as drawing a specific picture and writing about topics they like. Make it enjoyable yet educational. When children are given those kinds of tasks, they likely won’t complain about doing them because they will feel as though they’re just working on a hobby. 

                  Let Them Create A Mess

                    Children can get messy at times, and that’s perfectly alright. Instead of always keeping things neat and tidy, let your kids be kids. Set up a tarp on the floor and fill it with things they can use. Let them play to their heart’s content, even if they end up causing a bit of chaos. 

                    However, keep it contained, and tell your kids that they are only allowed to play wherever the tarp is. Letting them be messy indoors will get them really excited, especially if you throw in some art materials like non-toxic paint and modeling clay. 

                    Play Verbal Games

                      While you do your household chores, you can still keep your children engaged by playing verbal games. You can start by playing the alphabet game, where someone gets to pick a particular category and everyone has to name things under that category that begins with every letter, from A to Z.  

                      Have A Bath

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                        Baths can be a relaxing and fun time for children. Let your kids take their favorite toys to the tub and have them play while you bathe them. Add a soothing element to the experience by using an Epsom bath salt that will moisturize your children’s skin and keep them calm. The Deep Relaxation Bath Soak is a-must try for your little ones, but we have other amazing options at our online store

                        Plant Outside

                          If you have a yard, give your child a small plant to care for. You can also take your kids with you while you work in your garden. Have them water their plant regularly and ask them to check on it every day. It will keep them busy and, at the same time, allow them to enjoy the outdoors for a while.  

                          It’s essential to reduce your child’s screen time, especially if they’re just stuck at home, to keep them sharp, active, and creative. These 13 activities will surely excite and entertain them, and you get to have a lot of fun, too!

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