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Keeping Loneliness At Bay When Working From Home

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Working from home might seem like a breeze at first. You are in a comfortable, familiar environment, far away from the office space that leaves you feeling constrained. But once you’ve settled into a routine of doing remote work, you may be unable to shrug off the feeling of loneliness. Although you can always settle down with a Mediterranean Sea salt foot soak, sometimes, doing so may not be enough. 

It’s inevitable, especially for those who are living alone. You’re not around people, and there will come a point when you’ll long for some human connection. 

According to the 2020 State of Remote Work Report by Buffer and AngelList, 20% of remote workers admitted that they have struggled with loneliness. It’s one of their top struggles, along with collaboration and communication with their colleagues. 

Loneliness At Work 

If you are not careful enough and choose to leave the feeling of isolation and loneliness unaddressed, it may lead to serious consequences on your productivity, team performance, and even your emotional health. What’s worse is that you’ll end up burning out

People who are lonely tend to care less about their work. They’re unmotivated, and they become less open and communicative with their teammates. 

Loneliness might seem like a personal struggle, but it can seep into your work life as well. That’s why it’s important to recognize and understand it once it starts to creep in. 

Ways On How To Keep Loneliness At Bay 

There’s a flip side to all of this, though. You don’t have to isolate yourself in order to work from home effectively. Here are some ways you can avoid loneliness when working remotely: 

Walk Away From Your Screen 

Take regular phone-free and computer-free breaks. Your brain needs a break from all the information you are getting. Do some light stretches, drink some water, eat a snack, or even walk around your backyard for a few minutes. When on your lunch break, remember to eat without facing your desktop or laptop monitor. 

If you have a chance to take a longer break, why not dip your feet into some warm water and Mediterranean Sea salt? This will help soothe your worries away and uplift your mood. 

Join A Digital Community 

Nowadays, there are a ton of online spaces where you can join groups and communities. Slack communities, Facebook groups, Reddit communities, private forums—the possibilities are endless! All you have to do is to find your tribe. 

Whatever your interests are, there’s bound to be an online community that will welcome you with open arms. Once you’re part of them, engage with other individuals. Make your presence known. Don’t just be a passive member of your newfound group; be an active participant. 

If you haven’t found a community that suits you, maybe it’s time to start one. 

Make After-Work Plans 

When you’re feeling a little too lonely, making plans with your family and friends during the week is a good idea. Doing so will help you truly feel that you’re part of a community that loves and supports you. 

It’s difficult to draw a line between professional and personal hours when your home is your office. Planning these hangouts or mini gatherings can help you get away from work and out of the house. 

If you can’t meet them physically, try conducting virtual coffee breaks with your friends. Avoid talking about work and catch up on other aspects of each other’s lives instead. This will help take your mind off of what stresses you. You can even do this with your colleagues—see to it that you get to non-work-related topics right off the bat. 

Talk It Out and Spend Time With Your Family 

The best way to avoid loneliness is to talk to people about it, especially those closest to you. Reach out to others as they might just help you put things in perspective. 

Try imposing a work-free zone once your work hours have ended. Learn to leave work problems at work. Just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to aim for a healthy work-life balance. 

Changing Your Work Environment

Once you’ve successfully kept your loneliness at bay, you’ll feel more motivated to work. Here are some tips on how to make working from home fun: 

  • Create a workspace that makes you want to work - Place your desk at a spot in your home that makes you feel happy. Surround yourself with artwork or photos that brighten your day. Design your workspace in a way that will stimulate you.
  • Add a bit of greenery Indoor plants make you feel lighter. You don’t have to overdo it, though. Just adding a few here and there can help you concentrate and reduce your stress levels.
  • Host a virtual happy hour - Connect with your work friends after work hours, loosen up, and have fun.
  • Put work-related items away - Setting boundaries is certainly an issue when working remotely, but you have to do it. Once your shift is done, take your work laptop and documents and put them away. Place them inside a locked drawer or cabinet if you can’t seem to stop yourself from working. 

Overwhelming yourself while working from home can increase your feelings of loneliness. Being a workaholic will just keep pulling your spirits down. 

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